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Knnjoo Inc. is one of the leading China shot Blasting Machine suppliers and manufacturers, equipped with professional factory, we are always able to offer you newest high-quality steel shot, spare parts, steel plate shot blasting machine products....
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  • Collaboration For Acquiring India Market About Shot Blasting ...
    Shot blasting machine are widely exported all over the world, including the India market. Mr. Gupta witness the transaction and running of shot blasting machine products in India market and learn the shot blasting machine quality, because there are at least six shot blasting machine are installed and tested by their company for the customers in their area, which are all confirmed to nice operation by the final operator. This time, they decide that they should sell our machine more than only just installation and testing as they trust no one in India are better to learn the shot blasting machine. Gupta evaluate various brands of China shot blasting machine within a long time. They finally determine to cooperate with shot blasting machine as the long-term partner. After visiting our stand at Canton Fair, our friends decide to come to our factory to have a thoroughly training for future selling and advertising. We deeply admire this kind of practical spirit. As shot blasting machine is of stable quality, but without the reliable after sale service, we do not think all the advantages of our products could be performed. With the meeting, we learn from our friends that as India is a developing country with the great population and have great demand on basic industrial products. However, the similar manufacturer of shot blasting machine is fewer and in small scale, while their products can not completely meet demand of the users. Mr. Gupta is confident for their business and the shot blasting machine they choose. We just prefer this very partner who knows clear their market and the custom of their users, while they are confident of and professional in operation and maintenance of shot blasting machine products, which will make shot blasting machine achieve bigger India market.
  • 2016-07-27
    Shot blasting machine are widely exported all over the world, including the India marke...
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