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Knnjoo Inc. is one of the leading China shot Blasting Machine suppliers and manufacturers, equipped with professional factory, we are always able to offer you newest high-quality steel shot, spare parts, steel plate shot blasting machine products....
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  • Spring Shot Blasting Machine High Speed Throw
    The shot blasting machine can clean up all kinds of residue on the surface of the metal workpiece, and it can remove the core and clean the Shan of the castings. The shot is rotated at Spring Shot Blasting Machine high speed by the impeller, the abrasive in the center of the impeller, through the flow block (Regulator) and the impeller propeller (Impeller) pre-acceleration, into the blade area and then the abrasive high-speed thrown, the speed can be more than 100 S, due to the wide range of shot blasting, so do not need to use air pressure, energy efficiency is much higher than Impeller is the heart of the shot blasting machine, Spring Shot Blasting Machine driven directly or indirectly by electric motor, each impeller manufacturer has a unique design, mainly divided into single disc and two-disc impeller. Shot blasting machine, the use of projectile thrown by high-speed projectiles to clean or strengthen the casting surface casting equipment. Shot blasting function at the same time on the casting sand Shan removing core and cleaning. The main use of high-speed rotating impeller to throw the ball sand, Spring Shot Blasting Machine high-speed impact on the surface of parts, to meet the requirements of surface treatment.
  • 2017-04-07
    KNNJOO Production Season--Spring is a vibrant season,we received many shot blasting mac...
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