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Easy to Use Machine Sand Blasting Equipment

Sand Blasting Equipment:1.cylinder diameter: 900mm2 cylinder height: 2000-2100mm3 volume: 0.9-1.3m34 derusting grade: Sa2.5-Sa3.05 derusting efficiency: 15-35m2/h6 gas consumption: single for more than 3



Mainly by the sand cylinder body, the intake system, sand blasting system.

Other accessories:

Sand blasting gun: 2

Sand blast pipe: 40m

Pneumatic valve switch 2 sets (original sand blasting tank with a manual switch, the user can choose manual and pneumatic device


1. General sandblasting machine tank body of sand after spray must be shutdown will deflate in the tank body, left open the discharge valve can only be installed abrasive. Spear continuous sand blasting machine the machine in blasting operations can be continuously without stopping the machine to the tank body adding abrasive, which can greatly improve the working efficiency

2 can be operated manually, or pneumatic remote control operation, flexible operation use;

3 less investment, large volume, wearing parts less;

4 according to user requirements, to achieve single or multi gun operation.

5 free warranty for one year (except for the wearing parts!

Applicable abrasive:

10--80# (2.0--0.1mm) steel grit, steel shot, Zong Gangyu can also use low sand, quartz sand, copper sand, river sand and sand.

Application range:

Ship, piped to the tank body parts, steel profiles, castings, large area metal component surface rust cleaning, metal surface strengthening, stone furniture, etching and other industries.

Sandblasting machine as a conventional abrasive jet technology continues to develop, improve and perfect, to processing, and wide application range of its unique processing mechanism, making it more in surface treatment industry in today's more popular, has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, instrumentation, medical equipment, electronic and electrical appliances food, machinery, tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, mold, glass, ceramics, crafts, textile machinery, printing machinery, chemical machinery, machinery repair and so on many fields. The advantages of the 1 metal parts, the basic is not damaged, the size accuracy will not change; the 2 part surface is not contaminated, not parts of the material and abrasive as the chemical reaction; processing groove 3 can easily, difficult to concave contact parts, various sizes of abrasive can be used; 4 low energy consumption, cost, processing cost is greatly reduced; 5, mainly reflected in the work 1 non polluting environment, two of the main uses of the material, 4. 6, the main uses of the 3. 7. The main uses of 2. The surface of the material; 5, pipe, plate, plate, pipe, plate, pipe, plate, pipe, plate, pipe, plate, pipe, plate, pipe, plate, metal castings, metal castings, surface cleaning; 7 mold, metal casting, metal casting, metal casting, metal casting, cleaning; 6;; mold; mold;; mold; mold; metal;;; mold; surface cleaning; surface cleaning;; mold; mold; metal; 10; mold; mold; metal;; mold; mold; metal; 8; mold; mold; metal; 9; mold; mold; casting or complicated small parts; 11 cleaning brushes, contacts and wiring, etc., to improve the electrical conductivity of the 12 engine Spare parts (such as gas cylinder, piston and spark plug) cleaning, cleaning and storage of 13 pieces of paper and other artwork; 14 remove old paint and dirt on the surface of the workpiece.

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