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Blast Wheel Of Shot Blasting Machine

Blast Wheel Of Shot Blasting Machine 1.Blast wheel Classification: blast wheel for belt and direct type blast wheel 2. The blast wheel is the key part of shot blasting machine:2.1 Our company adpots WHEELBRATER technology and it can incr


Blast Wheel Of Shot Blasting Machine

1.Blast wheel Classification:

blast wheel for belt and direct type blast wheel

2. The blast wheel is the key part of shot blasting machine:

2.1 Our company adpots WHEELBRATER technology and it can increase abrasive projection speed15-20%.

2.2 Special turbine type separating sand make sand injection volume increasing 20%

2.3 New type curve Gulf stream thickened shield , the working life is increased 2 times and Maintenance cost is reduced 50%.

2.4 The special shape of guard plate , wear resistance is increased 150%

2.5 Precision processing technology for impeller

Blast Wheel is the key of airless shot blasting equipment, it's longevity, high efficient, low noise emission etc.

Direct driven blast wheel

Direct driven blast wheel is one kind of new-design, high-efficient blast wheel, beautiful appearance, compact comfi-guration, low noise, economy and environ mental protection. Has the largest power and largest abrasive flow.Belt driven blast wheel

Belt driven blast wheel is conventional, large rate abrasive floe and good cleaning effect etc. it is need part of the airless shot blast cleaning equipment.

Curve blade blast wheel

Curve-blade blast wheel is the most advanced high-efficiency on the world at the moment, huge blast speed and area, high-efficiency, uniform clean etc.

2. The blast wheel is the key part of shot blasting machine: NEW Wheel turbine technology

After assembling wheel turbine, it must be have a high tolerance of form and position accuracy, our all wheel turbines we produced mube be tested and the measurement control strictly and dynamic balance test (using the German Schenck dynamic balancing machine), unbalanced torque is less than 15Nmm and reduce noise. 


A) Because reduce the vortex on the top of blade, noise reduces 6-7dB.

B) blasted projectiles uniformly distributed, expand the projectile distribution area.

C) shell lined with labyrinth interlocking casting wear plate, has excellent sealing effect.

D) maintenance convenient, without clamping tool.

The blast wheel is the key part of shot blasting machine:

Shot Blasting Wheels With Motor For Shotblasting Machine

There are so many machining CNC machines and texting machines at our factory

Blasting cleaning technology is currently the most common application of the international community, most economical and most reliable cleaning method.

Blast wheel is the key component of the cleaning machine, technical indicators almost all dependent on the performance of blast wheel.

Blasting equipment is widely used in sand casting off, casting, forging, welding parts, heat treatment of the surface of clean-up pieces, steel and profiles of the surface pretreatmentntact, so the process has been cleared from the workpiece size, shape and weight restrictions, as well as to bear the high stress of the spring, spring and gear, such as parts of the surface of parabolic Strengthening pills.

Shot blast cleaning is a cleaning device using high-speed long-range shot ball shot ball surface clean-up of non-co. Shot Blast Cleaning Technology is the most common application of the international community, and the most economical and most reliable clean-up (rust) method.

Shot Blast Cleaning is the working principle of the kinetic energy shot ball into the surface of the workpiece impact. Shot Blast Cleaning efficiency depends on the number of shot ball, size, speed and direction of impact. Therefore, the blast cleaning machine of economic, technical indicators Shot almost entirely dependent on the performance.

Our company at home and abroad advanced technology of Blast wheel. Most models have at home and abroad of the shot blasting technology, products and accessories. At the same time, wearable pieces in the material, life, shot blasting device of the static and dynamic balance, supporting the use of pieces of original research there.

Advantages-We do a better job.

We can process based on the user's requirements, a reasonable choice shot ball velocity, and the electrical power peen of parameters to achieve its peen for optimal performance, thereby enhancing the efficiency of cleaning peen.

For example:When the sand speed 70m/s, the blasting efficiency can be as high as10kg/min. kw

Assembly and Disassembly Blast wheel to facilitate the rapid

A straight line from the vane wheel is inserted into the body center. Work, leaves the role of centrifugal force to rely on fixed, without any fixed Fixture. The demolition of eight leaves only 10-20 minutes. In addition, devices in this series shot blasting can be demolished and leaves round pill at the same time check points and oriented sets of wear.  Block Shot spindle device is directly connected with the casing, maintenance can be quickly replaced Shot overall, and particularly suitable for continuous production of clean-up equipment.

Two-disc wear-resistant materials used, work to maintain a high degree of dynamic balance. Shot ball acceleration and protection of special wear-resistant parts are manufactured in cast iron, can guarantee the service life. And leaves the sub-synchronous rotation round pill so that the acceleration of the shot ball have to ensure that the shot ball leaves the non-vibration transmission, thereby reducing wear and tear on the blade. Department in the shot blasting device with protective cap limit to ensure that equipment and personal safety.

Dynamic Balancing machine for impeller of wheel turbine  (Germany Schenk) The video for impeller body test machine:

3.Our certification

CE ISO9001 AND SOON ON  Shot Blasting Wheels With Motor For Shotblasting Machine

3.Our service

3.1. Our company has passed "CE", "ISO9001" and bureau veritas certification .

3.2. 50 years experience with 20 professional engineers in our Qingdao Hesong Machine Co.,Ltd.

3.3. So many kinds of foundry machinery ---100 kinds of shot / sand blasting machines and 80 kinds of casting machines.

3.4. Considerate after-sale service , Technial Assistance and provide installing ,debugging and training on site

3.5. The company has its own foreign trade marketing team Industrial Corporation, first - class service standards for all clients

4.Trade Term:

Payment term: 30% as deposit, 70% balance against the copy of B/L

Delivery of the goods is executed within 45 days after receipt of advance payment.

Manufacturer must provide the certificate of origin to buyer.

5.Quality and After-sale Assurance:

1. Supplier promise the name, model, specification and quantity comply with technical protocol,

assuring the machine is new equipment with qualified material manufactured through perfect technology.

There are no defects in design, material and technologies, which is suitable for propose of demander,

and meets the standard of national industry. The quality is stable and reliable.

2. Equipment warranty and After-sale Assurance Engineers available to service machinery overseas

( except force majeure, inappropriate operation and the quick-wear parts wears).

3. The equipment will pass the installment and test before delivery, after the quality is qualified,

we will disassembly the equipment, coating and deliver.

6.In order to give you the suitable machine , pls provide below message for us :

1. What is your workpiece and the material and the shape ?

2.The Max. Length/Width/Height of the workpiece and the MAX./MIN.weight of your workpiece ?

3.The productity you need to blasting the workpiece ( how many T or piece per day or per month?)

4. The power supply you need( Our China :380V, 3PH, 50HZ)

5. Better to send us the workpiece photo or drawing.

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