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China Supplier Surface Cleaning Machine Roller Conveyor Pass-through Type Shot Blasting Machine

China Supplier Surface Cleaning Machine Roller Conveyor Pass-through Type Shot Blasting Machine

Roller conveyor throught type shot blasting machine is a durable type shot blasting machine,is one of H-beam type shot blasting machine.


Large steel structure shot blasting machine belongs to roller conveyor shot blasting machine, 

this type shot blasting machine mainly used in construction, bridge and other industries 

with large I-beam, H-shaped steel and other high structural steel to eliminate stress and surface 

rust cleaning.


1.The hoisting machine main pulley adopts the cylinder structure, the passive pulley adopts 

the attached plate structure, the main pulley round cylinder type structure prevents the influence 

of the scraping belt due to the attached plate structure, the passive wheel adopts the attached 

plate structure to prevent the projectile from remaining on the pulley and the belt Between, 

and thus the drawbacks of wear belt, is conducive to increasing the friction belt and pulley.

2. Hoister shell in the hopper with a manganese liner board as a wear-resistant end plate, to improve the shell life.

3. Lifter hopper with counterbore structure, completely prevent the external belt pulley belt pulley and tear caused by tearing occurs.

4. Lifter anti-reverse device with reducer brake device, no noise. Tensioning device to adjust a wide range of adjustable range of 1 ~ 15cm.

5. Shotblast cleaning room attached room, the use of multi-layer rubber plate sealed to completely prevent the projectile spill.

6. Shot blasting machine plc with a total of time-wearable parts function, to prevent damage due to damage to parts Shot Blasting Room and the board.

7. Shot Blasting Room Board: Shot Blast opening at the overall structure of the board to prevent the gap caused by the assembly of the blasting machine around the board and the body wear.

8. Shot blasting machine on the directional sleeve with a logo to reduce the adjustment time.

9. Dust filter Donaldson filter cartridge by the United States, filter filter effect, permeability, long service life.

10. Shot blast chamber and shot blasting are arranged by the computer after three-dimensional dynamic projectile simulation to determine.

11. The high efficiency straight shot blasting machine and double disc straight blade manufactured by Swiss GF technology can improve the cleaning efficiency, obtain the cleaning quality and reduce the maintenance cost.

12. Separation device using the most advanced overflow sensor, full curtain curtain curtain pill residue separator, the separation efficiency of up to 99.9%.

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