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Environmentally Friendly Sand Blasting Chamber

Characteristics of automatic sand blastingSandblasting room is divided into two kinds of automatic and manual, automatic sandblasting room is now the most advanced sandblasting room products. Its main


Characteristics of automatic sand blasting

Sandblasting room is divided into two kinds of automatic and manual, automatic sandblasting room is now the most advanced sandblasting room products. Its main characteristics is the honeycomb type sand suction floor technology, using pneumatic conveying principle, the use of air power will sand material recycling, and then through the pipeline ceiling is sent to the sand and dust separator for automatic sand and dust separation, sorting out useful sand material automatically fall into host sandblasting machine (sandblasting pressure tank), into the circulation use; sorting out the broken sand material, leather, oxide skin, dust and other unwanted debris will automatically enter the dust collector dust filter.

Automatic sand blast housing delivery method

Due to the automatic sandblasting room using pneumatic conveying, there is no need to use the traditional mechanical conveyor belt of sand blasting room, auger, scraper block, chain and bucket type lifting machine and other traditional rotating machinery, to avoid the in sand material transportation, upgrading process of the sand material, dust of transport machinery, bearings, the wear phenomenon generated by the motor, to avoid the heavy maintenance work. And the installation without deep pit (even without pit), to shorten the construction period, save the construction cost; and traditional sandblasting room generally require sandblasting atrioventricular body size in accordance with the excavation of a deep pit 2.5-3.5 meters.

The use of automatic sandblasting room: automatic sandblasting room are generally used for large workpiece and ultra large workpiece surface treatment, such as: heavy industrial locomotive, car, car, frame, assembling of steel frame and larger hardware daily necessities and so on.

Waste material from 60mg/m3. sandblasting room on the left and right with a an electric car, it is convenient for the operator of blasting, the blasting room lined with wear resistance, reducing the noise of the rubber lining plate, two sets of filter drum type dust collector for the blasting room ventilation and dust removal, dust content is less than a set of automatic pill material winnowing and screening device can be too large or too small, medium sorting out, fall into the field of recycling waste storage hopper is equipped with an automatic pellet winnowing vibrating screen. At the same time provide operator protection device, including the operating personnel protective helmet, the Siamese sand vests and blasting gloves, breathing filters and breathing temperature, maximum security operation personnel safety and healthy working environment.

The full blast system can be customized according to customer's requirements. The system can handle the body's maximum size of 27000mm *, 3200mm, 4050mm., the surface of the body. The body surface is 3.2~6.3μm.. Another. The surface of the body. The vehicle. The vehicle. Can meet the production requirements of a day. The dust, noise, and noise of the sand blasting Environment has a very large impact, in order to comply with environmental requirements, the dust emission system must meet the GB16297-1996 requirements, noise is less than 85dB (A) (sand blasting room outside).

The shot blast cleaning chamber is a kind of non contact, less non pollution surface treatment method, which is used in the process of surface treatment, which is easy to handle. It has advantages such as easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use.

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