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Easy to Use Equipment H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

Easy to Use Equipment H Beam Shot Blasting Machine

Application Possibilities - Heavy and large H beam structural steel descaling. - Long and round material derusting. - Strip, wire, bars, billets and miscellaneous weldments preparation.


Machine Instruction:

The roller type blast cleaning machine, mainly used for buildings, bridges and other industries with large I-beam H beam steel structure such as size pieces of high stress and the elimination of cleaning the surface rust.

 • Application:  Typically used in situations requiring the blasting of large I-beam  HBeam/structure steel/profile steel/section steel/fashioned iron/ Angles and flats/ steel plates/steel pipes/square tube/box iron at a high rate.

 • Equipment composition: rollers conveyor, blasting chamber, blast wheel, abrasive recycle system, separator , cleaning chamber, dust collector,  PLC control system, elevator, etc.

 •Design and Sequence of Operations

 • The Steel are on the roller conveyor and carried into abrasives stream, after blasting by blast wheels, the steel will be sweep and cleaned in chamber, and abrasive reclaimed, dust collected,then steel fabrication sent out to the end conveyor.


 • Improve corrosion resistance

 • Improve anti-fatigue performance and extend steel life

 • Improve the steel surface craft performance

 • It benefits to the laying-off and precise blanking to NC cutting machine

 • Removing and anti-rust paint spraying by auto machine.

 • Reduce labor intensity for cleaning.

 • Alleviating environmental pollution



• The centrifugal and high speed blaster, blast Binhai projection velocity is 78-80m/s rotate speed  is 3000r/m

• The layout of shot blasting chamber and blaster are confirmed after simulating by computer three-dimension dynamic mass ejection 

• Guard board is SPMn13 which is the highest  resistance and high wear-resisting 

• Separator, protected by labyrinth seal device and U model structure, with technical of PANBORN USA 

• PLC programmable control(Omron), can be manual operation, semi-automatic, and full-automatic. 

• The abrasive control system is pneumatic control system, easy and safe 

• Perfect for moving Steel fabrication to the blast chamber by conveyor rolls

• Wide range of machine types for different production rates and work pieces of different sizes 

• AS 2.5 cleaning effect 

• Switzerland SKF screw conveyor + SINTO technology blast wheel 

• Auto-detection, auto-alarm and auto-cutout. Alarm system adopts audible and visual alarm. 

• Setup safety interlock device between systems 

• Dust collector with Pulse-jet bag filter to remove dust 

• Can be designed and manufactured according to clients demand 

• Easy operation 

• High operational safety 

• 23 years experienced engineers,quantity is our Culture 

• After-sale service support will be provided within 24 hours

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