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Blasting effect

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

mpact strength of shot peening process parameters are: projectile diameter, spring flow, flow velocity, projectile blast time. Projectile with larger diameter, the faster the projectile and the greater momentum of the collision, greater the intensity of the blast. PEEN forming of compressive residual stress of material tensile strength can reach parts of 60%, residual stress depth is usually 0.25mm, maximum limit value is around 1mm. 

Blasting strength requires a certain amount of shot peening time to ensure that, after a certain time, after blasting strength reaches saturation, to extend the time of shot peening, strength no longer increased. In the test of strength of blast Al Mann, blasting high representation of the strength of test piece deformation of arch. Factors affecting coverage parts material hardness, projectile diameter, injection angle and distance, shot peening, and so on. 

Prescribed strength of shot peening condition, parts of hardness is less than or equal to the standard test piece hardness, coverage up to 100% and vice versa coverage will fall. Projectiles that are at the same flow rate, distance between nozzle and workpiece longer, smaller spray angle, projectile diameter is smaller, the shorter the time you have to meet the coverage requirements. 

When peening, you should choose the right size projectiles, spray angles and distances, the blasting strength and coverage at the same time meet the requirements. Influence factors of surface roughness of part material strength and hardness, projectile diameter, injection angle and speed, part of the original surface roughness. 

In other conditions same of situation Xia, parts material of strength and surface hardness value more high, plastic deformation more difficult, crater more shallow, surface rough degrees value more small; projectile of diameter more small, speed more slow, crater on more shallow, surface rough degrees value on variable small; jet of angle big, projectile speed of method to component more small, impact more small, crater more shallow, projectile of cut to speed more big, projectile on surface of grinding role on more big, surface rough degrees value on more small; parts of original surface rough degrees is effect factors one of, Original the rougher the surface, after blasting the surface roughness value lower is smaller; instead, the smoother the surface, surface becomes rough after blasting. 

When the parts are after high-intensity blast, deep crater will not only increase the surface roughness values, also leading to higher stress concentration, thus severely undermining the effect of shot-peening.

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