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Casting machines rely on innovation

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Casting machine company can only produce low technical content, market competitiveness of small and medium general-purpose cleaning equipment, rubber-machine companies produce only low precision open rubber mixing machine and other small equipment used in tire production. 

Low technology, low price and low profit, a few flexible and have a certain ability of individual small plants have entered the territory, grab market share. Double Star machinery at first, due to old town cottage enterprises, the old model of the old regime, high management costs, higher product costs, compared with the smaller plants, lack of competitive advantage, and high-end products, although the high prices and high profits, market space, but is limited to technical strength, no breakthrough approach, individual small plants, the only competition for the low-end market.

In recent years, facing history has experienced raw material prices, in the face of continued industries increase macro-economic policy, in the face of "workers picking the boss" human resource tensions, Group President for green casting from a strategic, decisive "Huaqing caster into a high-end brand" strategy. "

Only seize the high-end market, set a good binaries to brand image, to overcome negative factors such as prices of raw materials, we should go to the high end. "Huaqing caster rapidly from" low end infighting "exit, established a" market-standard, with a high-end theme, with a focus on product quality, economic efficiency as the Center, to create a binary mechanical designer for target "high-end development, soon dabbled in related industries such as environmental protection, forging, electrical, hydraulic, and seize the market share of high-end products. 

Established experts project group, speed up into high-end pace; variable recruitment for admissions, with the enterprise for "Qingdao first enterprise level gold blue-collar training base" of advantage, established Chief technician and gold technician reserves mechanism, training and reserves himself of technology talent; eliminated old equipment, replaced became high precision, and high performance new equipment, with high-end quality forging high-end products; with network platform,

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