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Composition and classification of shot blasting machine

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

the composition of the shot blasting machine: Shot blasting machine is mainly made up of 4 parts: 

① throwing projectiles with a high-speed rotating impeller to a certain direction at a high centrifugal force projection. In the course of work, some throwing can be used for a certain angle of swing or, [1]


② projectile collection, separation and transportation system. 

③ the casting in the blasting process in a continuous run and flip the carrier. Black dust-removal system. classification of shot blasting machine Shot blasting machine according to different casting carrier structure into roller, chain plate, Rotary, trolleys, squirrel-cage and hanging type throwing machine; 

Roller and chain type shot-blasting machine is suitable for cleaning not afraid of collision of small and medium sized castings. Drum-type shot blasting machine of cylinder spiral rib, casting flipping and running forward. 

Link plate type shot blasting machine is through the movement of plates, castings turn and run. Rotary, trolleys and hanging type throwing machine is used to clean large and medium sized castings, are also equipped with a fixed shot blasting Chamber, were cleared of casting blast Interior rotating or moving. 

Blast cabinets with several blast equipment, installed in different locations, from different directions throwing projectiles, to improve the quality of shot blasting machine cleaning efficiency and cleaning. 

Hanging type throwing machine according to needs for cleaning castings and configure several hooks on the catenary, clean up castings hanging on the hook, run their own flip forward. Cast shot outdoor handling and clean up indoors.

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