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Important applications of shot peening technology

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

With the development of technology of shot peening and its car manufacturing to improve and increase fatigue life of key components has increasingly become the focus of attention, and in cars, trucks, motorcycles, designed initially for its full consideration and attention. 

At present, the design of most of the engine parts fuel injection/shot peening in technical and technological applications, including: crankshaft (descaling and enhancement), link (enhancement), transmission gears and shafts, gear ring, piston, Sun gear and planets as well as gear leaf springs and to rounded spring. A lot of auto parts, either casting/forging, die casting, or mechanical cutting, welding, require the use of different types of spray/throw equipment for surface treatment, descaling, deburring, cleaning and cleaning up other surface impurities.

Application of shot peening technology can improve and increase resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance of key components. At present, many of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and parts makers have been the inclusion of enhanced standards in the production process, while equipment and other manufacturing equipment forming a complete set of modern manufacturing lines.

Effects improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of parts of its service life and safety is of great significance. Depending on shot-peening technology, more lightweight parts can be designed, some of the original technical specifications spare parts are now having to use expensive materials can replace the use of low cost materials, by shot-peening process will achieve the same or better performance standards.

There is strong evidence: by shot-peening, resistance of leaf spring fatigue lifetime 600%, extended the fatigue life of transmission gear 1500%, crankshaft fatigue life of 900%.

As part of the manufacturing process, the crankshaft through heat treatment shot blasting to remove thermal oxidation on the surface of the skin. Crankshaft was placed on a rotating wheel, you scroll, all surfaces of the crankshaft is fully exposed to the more wheels throwing out pills, and multi-angled shot hit the outer surfaces of the crankshaft is thoroughly cleaned.

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