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Shot blasting machine operation

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

H-wood shot blasting machine operation

1. before working

a. Check for debris falling into the machine, cleared in a timely manner to prevent clogging caused by different segments of the transport equipment failures.

b. Check whether the parts lubricated in order.

c. Check the "shift".

d. To check before running boards, rubber curtains, rollers and other wearing parts wear, the timely replacement.

e. Check all moving parts with the bolt is loose, tighten in a timely manner.

f. Before starting the no one confirmed the body, and the access door is closed when reliable, ready to start. Before you start the machine signals departure of persons in the vicinity of the machine.

g. To be correct in accordance with the rules of operation.

2. after work

a. Cut off power supply, remove separator lower mesh debris. b. Fill out the "notes of shift", shift work.

c. For routine maintenance.

3. Work

a. Wet plate blasting into the blast room is strictly prohibited.

b. First start the ventilation and suction motor, check operation, verify that normal and then start blasting machine, shot blasting machine does not start before may not open control valve for iron shot.

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