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Shot blasting machine works

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

1, shot blasting treatment and shot blasting equipment works

Pill-blasting by means of mechanical material (steel shot and grit) at a very high speed and angle of projection to the work surface, impact the work surface, then inside the machine by supporting the cleaners of air cleaning, feeding and cleaning impurities recovery and technology of the material can be used again.

Shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, dust-free, pollution-free construction can be achieved, to improve both efficiency and protect the environment. Shot blasting machine walk according to their forms can be divided into three types: push-type, vehicle-mounted and self-propelled.

Shot blast machine operation control and selection of material particle size, shape, and adjust and set the machine's walking speed, flow control pill projectile with different projection of strength and effect of different surface treatments.

1.2 on the quality control of surface blasting

Blasting technology and blasting equipment according to the different surfaces to be processed, controlled by three parameters of surface conditions. Select shot size and shape; the walking speed of the equipment; the flow. Best suited to these three parameters, different results can be obtained to ensure ideal surface roughness after blasting.

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