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Mechanical Recycling Sand Blasting Room

Mechanical recycling type sandblasting room mainly includes the room body part, funnel grille, pill material recycling system (including belt conveyor live screw conveyor, hoist, separator, storage bi


Mechanical Recycling Sand Blasting Room mainly includes the room body part, funnel grille, pill material recycling system (including belt conveyor live screw conveyor, hoist, separator, storage bin, rotary feeding valve), dust removal system, bearing system, lighting system, electric control system and 3D lifting platform.


1 pill material conveying system structure is simple and reliable, overload capacity is strong, not easy to plug

2 more power recovery, power, energy saving

3 mechanical maintenance to be more simple and easy to operate.

Technical parameters: because of the different size of the housing, some parameters are also different.

Applicable surface treatment:, derusting, in addition to the paint II, the weld seam (3), deburring, flying edge, oxide (4), stainless steel, aluminum surface of the elegant, sub light processing (stain resistance better, cover scratch) (5), concrete, stone surface contamination masonry, etc. processing;

Sand valve accurate safety metering control valve, special material lining, abrasion resistance and impact resistance ability; the unique design is advanced, even if the use of sea sand, sand river sand particle size larger, clogging does not occur. Pressure type dry blast machine is the basic unit of work pressure tank and spray a composition. Complete pressure in dry sandblasting machine work unit system generally consists of four components, namely, pressure tank, medium power systems, piping system, control system. The working principle of pressure in dry sand blasting machine: press type dry blast machine is powered by compressed air, compressed air through the building in the pressure tank working pressure, abrasive sand through a valve into the sand conveying pipe and the injection nozzles, spray the surface to be machined to achieve the desired processing head. The pressure in dry sand blasting machine, compressed air is the driving force for the material is to accelerate the momentum of the jet. The abrasive on the workpiece Impact and cutting action of a surface, the surface of the workpiece to obtain the certain cleanliness and different roughness, so as to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, thus improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between the coating and it, to extend the durability of the coating, but also conducive to coating leveling and decoration, the impurities on the surface, variegated and the oxide layer removed. At the same time, the medium surface roughening, so that the substrate surface residual stress and improve the surface hardness of the substrate.

Application scope: suitable for large and medium sized workpieces with high efficiency blasting treatment, such as ship building, steel structure, boiler bridge, marble processing, container and so on.

1. The introduction of foreign technology development, development of abrasive valve, pneumatic abrasive control valve and sandblasting of the air valve and the gas dynamic remote control switch, composed the most advanced.

2 abrasive valve and abrasive control valve more accurately control the abrasive flow, can freely adjust the flow of sand and quickly react to open or close,

3. Through the device in the lance of the gas control switch, and remote control abrasive valve and blast valve, easily manipulated. Durable body, placed on a smooth and flexible movement, operation is simple and convenient, safe and reliable, blasting efficiency is very high, the impact of strong, hit deep, controllable range.

The sand blast chamber is used in the upper part of the air, the lower part and the side part can be used to carry out the dust suppression cycle. The dust is always downward, the room has a high visibility, and the staff has a good operating environment;

The overall suction sand floors in a moment will be all the recovery of sand, the ground has no residual sand, sand blasting room clean and tidy, without manual cleaning, save working time. Pneumatic pipe back to sand, abrasive recovery rate as high as 99%, easy to clean;

Sandblasting room body with sandwich panel manufacturing, simple and beautiful appearance, convenient and flexible installation, sound insulation and heat insulation sandwich plate significantly;

The overall technical performance of the sand blasting room is advanced, the dust emissions meet and lower than the national and local environmental protection requirements, completely put an end to environmental pollution.

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