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Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine Clean Up

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Suspension type shot blasting machine is used to clean up the cleaning of the major parts of the pressure pump, through the shot blasting, not only can remove the surface of the workpiece corrosion, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine clean up the structural parts of the welding slag, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine but also to eliminate the workpiece welding stress , To improve the anti-fatigue strength of the workpiece to increase the workpiece painting paint adhesion, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the workpiece surface and intrinsic quality.

The series of hanging chain shot blasting machine (hanging shot blasting machine, hanging chain shot blasting machine) has the following characteristics:

1. Can be completed shot blasting, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine cleaning projectile and other painting before the preparation work

2. Shot blasting chamber and shot blasting device layout are through the computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation after the simulation

3. The use of multiple large shot peening, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine high ejection speed of the cantilever centrifugal curve shot blasting machine, throwing the projectile high line speed, shot blasting large, easy to replace the blade, easy maintenance, save the old ordinary blasting machine spare parts costs 60 %, 70% energy saving

4. The use of partially inclusive design, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine so that the workpiece in a relatively closed space. Ensure that the projectile throws the projectile without splashing the chamber. Room shell within the projectile area, the roof, the bottom of all with wear-resistant steel shield protection.

5. Use a double separation device to reduce the height of the equipment.

6. Can be completed on the material, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine fast operation, frequency control after the work into, shot blasting, frequency control after the fast, cut. The loading and unloading of the workpiece is accomplished by means of a transfer carriage, which may change the direction of the discharge at any time and return the projectile on the workpiece to the circulation system.

7. For the large workpiece can be hanging, you can use double electric hoist lift the workpiece through the shot blasting area, the workpiece shot blasting cleaning more than one shot blasting machine (according to the need to install the workpiece) by computer simulation layout, Surface to clean up. Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine Clean the workpiece time: 1.5 to 3 minutes / piece.

The machine with the help of PLC electrical control, projectile control gate and projectile transmission fault detection, to achieve automatic control machine, which has a high productivity, good reliability and advanced degree of automation and so on.

Shot blasting chamber body with steel, steel plate welded box structure, high strength and no vibration. Shot blasting area with ZGMn13 shield, in the wear-resistant,Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine bullet-proof shot combat performance has greatly improved life expectancy of up to 17,000 hours or more.

Dust removal system using the current international most advanced pulse backflush dust collector, fully meet the requirements of modern environmental dust. Dust removal effect in line with "Air Pollutant Integrated Emission Standard" requirements.

The Q034z15 cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with the highest market retention rate, large shot peening and high ejection speed can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and labor productivity and ensure the cleaning effect. With the symmetrical arrangement of the projectile, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine the workpiece can be subjected to a more comprehensive soft impact of the projectile, both to achieve the desired cleaning effect, but also to ensure that the workpiece will not be variant. A throw and a second rebound projectile to improve the utilization of the projectile, so that the projectile coverage uniform.

Workpiece carrier with gantry structure, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine to ensure that the workpiece hanging in the hanging chain under the free continuous transmission, the maximum to meet the cleaning requirements of the workpiece and safe operation.

 The workpiece is conveyed by step-by-step, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine and the user can adjust the shot cleaning time according to the requirements of different parts of the workpiece to control the productivity and clean up the quality. Workpieces can be continuously carried out to charge, double-bit shot blasting, discharge. Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine Can save the user a lot of manpower, material resources, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine ahead of the construction cycle, saving energy consumption.

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