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Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine Specialty

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  Suspension-type shot blasting machine combines the advantages of hanging shot blasting machine and through-type shot blasting machine, can achieve high-volume workpiece continuity. Suitable for small cast iron, steel castings, forgings and stamping parts of the shot blasting, especially for forgings, casting clean up to remove the surface of the workpiece sticky sand, rust, oxide, dirt, so that the surface of the workpiece metal Color, to eliminate the workpiece internal stress, improve the workpiece anti-fatigue, increase the workpiece jet when the paint adhesion, and ultimately to improve the surface of the workpiece, the purpose of internal quality

Scope: engine cylinder head, motor housing and other cleaning effect is particularly good. Is the ideal choice for cars, tractors, diesel engines, motor valves and other industries.

Suspension type shot blasting machine features:

1, according to the user needs to design the production, equipment, reliable operation, continuous work, improve the efficiency of production characteristics;

2, the use of efficient shot blasting machine, simple structure, easy maintenance;

3, shot blasting chamber body steel, steel welded together, reasonable structure, equipment, long service life;

4, shot blasting machine and shot blasting chamber wear plate are used special high wear-resistant materials, reducing equipment wear and tear for the user to save costs;

5, the trunk of the machine using die forging can be dismantled heavy chain, to ensure that the workpiece hanging in the hanging under the chain of free continuous transmission, the maximum to meet the cleaning requirements of the workpiece and operational safety;

6, the workpiece through the use of step-by-step, the user can according to their different requirements of the workpiece to adjust the shot blasting time to control the quality and clean up the quality. Workpieces can be continuously carried out to charge, double-bit shot blasting, discharge. Can save the user a lot of manpower, material resources, ahead of the construction cycle, saving energy consumption

7. hook walking groove with advanced flexible steel core rubber plate, nylon brush, gas control pull cover three seal protection, sealing effect is good.

8, can PLC electrical control, projectile control gate and projectile transmission fault detection, to achieve the whole machine automatic control and so on;

9, dust removal system using the current international most advanced pulse backflush dust collector, to meet the national environmental dust removal requirements.

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