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Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine Surface Strengthening

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Roller-type shot blasting machine is mainly the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller will be shot into the drum continuously flip the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece, belonging to the scope of casting machinery. Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine It applies to all industries in the 15 kg below the casting and forging sand, rust, descaling and surface strengthening. Roller-type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of cast, forging, scissors, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine is a small heat treatment workshop to clean the surface of the workpiece residual sand, the ideal equipment for oxide, the main drum, separator, shot blasting machine, Gear motors and other components.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine for fear of collision alone in the 150KG workpiece cleaning to strengthen the following. Track type shot blasting machine is a general equipment, the main models are Q326 rubber track shot blasting machine, Q3210 rubber track shot blasting machine, 15GN steel track shot blasting machine, 28GN steel track shot blasting machine, the machine can stand-alone use, but also with The use of the range of casting machinery.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine Applications: die casting, precision casting, precision forgings, such as cleaning, Remove the surface of the heat treatment pieces, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine castings, forgings. Spring reinforcement. Fastener rust and pretreatment.

Mainly applicable to a variety of medium and large castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment parts of the surface treatment, including fragile and irregular shape of the workpiece. Hook type shot blasting machine general equipment models are Q376 (E) hook-type shot blasting machine, Q378 (E) hook-type shot blasting machine. This type of shot blasting machine can also be in accordance with customer specifications and other parameters of the workpiece, the design and production.

Apply to the flat fear of the collision of the workpiece clean, the workpiece flat on the turntable, the projectile vertical throw to the workpiece surface, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine to achieve the purpose of shot to strengthen. Rotary table shot blasting machine for general equipment, the main models are Q3510 turntable shot blasting machine, Q3512 turntable shot blasting machine, Q3515 turntable shot blasting machine.

Mainly suitable for small and medium-sized workpiece surface cleaning of the mass production, this specification is suitable for the engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring, widely used in casting and automobile manufacturing, with high production efficiency, good sealing effect, compact structure, Loading and unloading parts to facilitate the technical content of high.

Planetary turntable shot blasting machine using the "child to turn" mode of operation (usually 2-24 small turntable), adapted to the workpiece after heat treatment of shot blasting to remove oxide, so that the workpiece surface to silver gray, and the removal of stress, Improve the adhesion of the surface coating role; but also the use of shot blasting process on the workpiece to increase the surface stress, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine improve fatigue strength, to achieve the purpose of shot blasting.

Is the cleaning structure, H-beam, steel and other types of steel multi-function Shotblast cleaning equipment, a flat roller and V-type roller two. It can be in the original state of the steel surface to the strong shot blasting, remove the rust and welding slag and oxide layer. So that a certain degree of uniformity of the uniformity of the metallic luster surface in order to remove the stress, improve the steel structure and steel surface coating quality and corrosion resistance. This machine is suitable for steel plate, steel, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine steel pipe, metal structure weldment, steel products, railway vehicles, engineering machinery, bridge manufacturing and other stress and surface rust. Is the most widely used a shot blasting machine.

This has a very high environmental and cost-effective. It uses the hidden shot blasting system, the use of high-performance shot blasting machine quickly push the steel balls to the surface and steel surface, to clean up the purpose, divided into two vertical and horizontal mode, Catenary Type Shot Blasting Machine vertical mode shot blasting machine is mainly applied to the tank Cleaning, tank maintenance, hull cleaning, and cleaning dome roof and spherical surface of the object inside and outside the wall to clean up the horizontal mode of the shot blasting machine is mainly applied to paint removal, the ship deck specific cleaning, road and bridge anti-skid performance recovery, The removal of the oil, the removal of the mark line, the removal of the airport road and the elimination of dust and concrete and other issues. 

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