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Coated Abrasives Manufactured Cloth Structures And Properties Of Chemical Fiber

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Tired of chemical fibers including recycled fiber or synthetic fibers, vinegar-dipped fiber and disregard of fiber four categories. 

The amount of recycled fiber in the viscose fiber's largest. Meal the main advantages of plastic fiber is good moisture absorption property and dyeing properties, soft to the touch, its shortcomings are wet strength, shrinkage deformation, instability. Rich in fiber is changed after the spinning process to get wet strength and high wet modulus viscose fiber. 

Synthetic fiber development speed, feed, and current lipid peroxidation in the synthetic fiber nylon, polyester, spandex, vinylon, LUN, an-VDC copolymer fibers, spandex, etc. 

Their common characteristics are: high strength, good elasticity, wear-resistant (except PROLINE-LUN), no taboos, chemical resistance, hail, insects and their dimensional stability, the disadvantage is poor Hygroscopicity. In recent years both at home and abroad of man-made fibers was studied at the "natural fibres", such as "synthetic wool" and "synthetic fibers of silk". 

Appear composite fiber and shaped fibers for textile production offers a wide range of sources of raw materials, to produce more in line with the demands of textile. 

Chemical fibers except for the dress, and general industrial use, but there are a variety of special-purpose fiber special properties, such as high temperature resistant fiber, high strength fiber radiation resistance, high modulus and fibers, fibers, fireproof fiber, conductive fibers, optical fiber, ultra-are all very grateful for fiber and high vast fiber. Fiber spun yarn, yarn formation or processing methods can be divided into: staple fibers (pure yarn and blended yarn), long Dessau and textured yarns. 

Spun yarns are natural fibers or fiber after stretching and twisting, making it a yarn with a certain intensity. Pure yarn by fiber spinning, yarn is made of two (or two to l) Made of natural fiber and chemical fiber spinning. 

Filament composed of monofilament and multifilament two monofilament only consists of a wire, and Shao has a singular and root (or dozens of root) composed of monofilament. Textured yarns is the use of textile thermoplastic, mechanical, physical, chemical processing, and has high flexibility and scalability.

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