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Copper Blast Furnace, Copper Smelting Furnace, Copper Metallurgical Complete Equipment

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

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The Introduction of Blast Furnace
Blast furnace is the shaft furnace of metallurgical equipment. Blast furnace is used for melting furnace burden(ore, sinter or pellet) that contains metal components, melting need to add air or happen in oxygen-rich conditions, only do like this, we can get sulfur or furnace metal.
The blast furnace is one of the most important metallurgical equipment, it has the following characteristics: High thermal efficiency, high specific productivity(specific capacity), high metal recovery rate, low cost, less covering area and so on.
The blast furnace is composed of furnace foundation, furnace bottom, furnace hearth, furnace body, furnace top(including feeding device), furnace holder, blower system, water-cooling or evaporated cooling system, melt release device and external crucible.
The furnace foundation it is builded by concrete or reinforced concrete, we can set up steel support or jack, used to support the furnace bottom.
The furnace bottom the bottom is cast steel plate or cast iron plate, followed on the plate are asbestos sheet, clay brick and magnesite brick.
The furnace hearth made of water jacket wall(or build magnesite brick), we also can called it internal crucible.
The furnace body made of some water jackets, each water jacket 0.8~1.2m wide, 1.6~5m high, welded by boiler plate, fixed on the special holder, wind and water pipes are also arranged on the holder.
Blast furnace can be used for matte smelting of copper, nickel, cobalt and other metals, reduction smelting of metals such as lead, zinc, also can be used for melting impure copper and other materials processing. Blast furnace burden is generally block, fuel is coke. Burden is added in batches from the top, forming a stock column. Air is added from tuyere below, coke burns in the tuyere(outlet)area, forming a high-temperature melting area; Furnace burden reacts violently here, continue to melt. When you reduction smelting, melt was clarified in the hearth, metal and slag were released. When you matte smelting, the melt flows into the external crucible from internal crucible, to clarify the separation of matte and slag. Hot flue gas through the melt and reach the top, this process make the melt preheating(kneading concentrate smelting can sinter concentrate), partial melting chemical reactions will happen at the same time. So blast furnace has high thermal efficiency, high specific productivity(specific capacity).
The productivity of blast furnace usually as below:
Production Project Production Capacity t/(m2d)
Lead sinter reduction smelting 50-60 up to 90
Lead pellet reduction smelting 25-40 up to 50
Copper raw concentrate ISF smelting 45-55 up to 60
Copper-nickel sulfide ore and sinter cake 45-100
Nickel-oxide ore and pellet 20-23
Nickel-oxide sinter cake 30-35 up to 50
Blast furnace's common specifications are mainly: 0.6 m² , 1.2 m² , 2 m² , 2.6 m² , 3.2 m² , 5.6 m² , 8 m² , 10 m² , 11m² And so on. Our company can design and produce different specification and structures blast furnace based on customer's actual demand.

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