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Determination Of The Carbon Content Of Manganese In High Manganese Steel

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Manganese carbon content than are those in high manganese steel elements concentration ratio of mass fraction of carbon content. 

Manganese carbon content than in some national of standard in the do has provides, as United Kingdom standard (BS 1457) provides high manganese steel of manganese carbon content than should is greater than 10, Qian Soviet national standards (gamma OCT8294) in the, some grades provides manganese carbon content than ≥ 8, China some Department awarded standard had provides manganese carbon content than ≥ 9, individual requirements manganese carbon content ≥ 10. usually manganese carbon content than control in 9-11. but, China national standards (GB/T5680-2010), and United States of ASTM A128 and ISO13521, are carbon-manganese content is not specified. 

Manganese carbon content than the concept put forward to guide the production of high manganese steel has some significance, but requires all high manganese steel castings, carbon-manganese content than meets certain requirements is not acceptable, the current trend is for high manganese steel carbon-manganese content than does not make it compulsory. 

In high manganese steel production actual in the, reasonable select manganese, and carbon content very important of, which first to determine carbon content, for heavy of, and bear high impact load of, and added chrome, and MO, carbide formed elements of high manganese steel casting, should select lower of carbon content, as w (c) =0.9%-1.1%; small and thin, and impact load small, and requirements anti-mill capacity strong of high manganese steel casting, should be selection high carbon content, as w (c) =1.2%-1.4%. 

Carbon content determined after determining manganese content, you can reference existing content of manganese in manganese carbon content than the range. When the carbon content is usually in the specification limit, can choose carbon high manganese content, whereas manganese is used to lower the carbon content.

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