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Gas Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Apr 15, 2016

This kind of shot blasting machine is a continuous shot blasting machine for cleaning Gas cylinder. 
It applies to clean away rust, oxide layers from steel cylinder and after shot blasting, it can get roughness surface and improve adhesion between paint film and steel surface. 

Thus it can improve anti-rust capacity and prolong the life surface of LPG cylinder

his Hanger Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is a kind of high efficency shot blasting machine with non-pit.
Large inner available cleaning space, compacted structure and scientific design. Can be designed and manufactured according to the order.
No special request for the workpiece structure. Can be used for different kinds of workpieces.
Widely used in cleaning and strengthening for Fragile or Irregularly Shaped Parts, Medium-sized or Large Parts, Die Cast Parts, Sand Removal and External Finishing.
Can be equipped as a part of a processing line.
This shot blasting equipment is a step type. 
When the hook is in the position of loading, discharge and blasting  cabinet, the chain will stop moving. In this way, it will highly improve productivity.
This machine is widely used to process castings, forgings and steel-work.
It has good cleaning effect for engine body and motor casing. 

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