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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Care Tips

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Hook shot blasting machine as a shot blasting machine standard models, the working cylinder diameter from 900 to 1300 mm, height from 1300 to 3500 mm. Standard models with 2-7 throwing head, the maximum capacity of 10000 Kg, the production efficiency of this shot blasting machine is quite high, the span of flexibility is also quite large, it is the ideal cleaning and strengthening equipment, and the operation is simple, just load the workpiece to be processed on the machine, press the start button, after a very Short period of time (usually 5-7 minutes), complete the entire cleaning process, remove all dust and residual shots, mainly for a variety of medium and large castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment pieces of surface treatment, including Fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. Suitable for multi-species, medium and small quantities of castings and forgings and riveting pieces of the surface cleaning or strengthening, especially for the touch of slender thin-walled surface cleaning or strengthening more appropriate. It can be in the original state of the steel surface with a strong shot blasting to remove the surface rust and welding slag and oxide scale to obtain a certain finish uniform metallic luster surface to remove stress and improve the surface quality of steel and anti-corrosion performance.


1. The use of a large amount of shot blasting, high ejection velocity BMD shot blasting machine, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, access to satisfactory cleaning quality.

2. Simulated projectile pattern (including the model of the shot blasting machine, the number and location of the spatial arrangement, etc.) and all the drawings of the shot blasting machine are all completely drawn by computer aided design (CAD). The selection and layout of the shot blasting machine is more reasonable . Improve the utilization of projectiles and labor productivity, to ensure the cleaning effect, reducing the bodyguard wear.

3. Adopted the popular non-pit structure, which not only saves the construction cost and time of pit foundation, but also solves the problems of south

Households due to pit water storage caused by the hoisting of cinnabar rust caking problems.

4. Clean indoor hot zone with rolling Mn13 plate protection, relative to the previous rubber plate protection, greatly improving its service life, and beautiful appearance, easy to replace, is the most popular cleaning machine room body protection.

This type of cleaning machine is suitable for casting, construction, chemical, electrical, machine tools and other industries in the small and medium-sized castings, forgings surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Particularly suitable for multi-species, small quantities of castings, forgings and steel structures for surface cleaning and shot blasting to remove the workpiece surface a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide skin; also suitable for heat treatment surface cleaning and strengthening Especially suitable for the slender, thin-walled parts that should not collide.

Hook type shot blasting machine for the hook-type cleaning equipment, from blast cleaning room, hoist, splitter, screw conveyor, two shot blasting assembly, projectile control system, hook walking track, hook system , Rotation device, foundation, dust removal system and electrical control part.

Care tips

1. Check the transfer records between employees before work.

2. Check whether there are debris falling into the machine, remove it in time to prevent the transmission link caused by equipment failure.

3 before operation to check each class twice guard blade, blades, impeller, rubber curtain, orientation sleeve, roller and other wearing parts wear, timely replacement.

4. Check the movement of electrical parts with the bolt connection is loose, tighten in time.

5. Shotblast equipment filling points regularly check all parts of the filling oil is in line with the provisions.

6 on the shot blasting machine body panels daily inspection, damage should be replaced immediately.

7. Operators on the cleaning effect should be checked at any time, if abnormal should be immediately shut down, and the overall inspection equipment.

8. The operator must check the control panel (panel) before switching on the various types of switches are required to set the location (including the power switch) before they can boot, so as to avoid malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, equipment damage.

9, the seal must be checked daily, if damaged immediately replaced.

10. Often check the quality of steel cleaning, if necessary, adjust projectile ejection angle and roller conveyor speed, but also to the correct operation of the hook-type shot blasting machine operating procedures.

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