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How Does Shot Blasting Work?

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Apr 15, 2016

Shot blasting is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective answer to preparing or renewing large sections of concrete surfaces. 
If you desire a process that cuts down on drying time and offers a surface almost instantly ready for the application of overlays or coatings, shot blasting is a solution not to be overlooked.

What is Shot Blasting?
Shot blasting is a technique used for the purpose of surface finishing. Fortunately, it is a dust-free alternative and also saves on time and labor. 
With shot blasting there are none of the hassles associated with other methods used for surface preparation and you do not have to worry about expensive disposal procedures. In fact, shot blasting is fast becoming the preferred method among coating manufacturers since it produces great bonding characteristics that reduce instances of coating failure and increases floor life. Shot blasting is also used to remove scale, burrs, graffiti and rust from any surface.

How Does It Work?
The main principle of shot blasting lies in propelling a controlled stream of abrasive shot material rapidly towards the surface being targeted. 
At the heart of the shot blasting system lies a blast wheel. As the wheel rotates at high speed, the metallic abrasive (also known as media) is channelized to its center, from where it is accelerated and hurled in the direction of the surface being prepared. The contaminants as well as the media rebound into a separation system that contains a dust collector. The function of the dust collector is to remove the dust, contaminants and any media that has been pulverized. The remaining media can be recycled by returning it to the storage hopper for future use.

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