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Import And Export "window" Iron And Steel "Buck"

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Latest statistics by the General Administration of customs, in August, China's export of 9.73 million tons of steel, the chain last month edged up only 20,000 tons, up 25.9% from a year earlier, growth is commendable. In the context of export volumes continued to increase, however, total exports compared domestic steel production is still "inadequate", current levels of steel exports can only be used as a "lubricant" inclusion in the domestic steel supply and demand contradiction.

Domestic crude steel production or first ring contraction this year, which is in iron ore imports decline and drop in mine production in the country was reflected. According to the latest customs statistics, in August, China imported iron ore of 74.12 million tons, the chain fell 11.98 million tons last month, monthly imports hit a new low since March this year, only a rough calculation of imported iron ore reduction, equivalent to nearly 7.5 million tons of steel production, one-month fall is considerable.

China's total iron ore imports reached 933 million tons last year, while the average monthly import levels from January to August to December this year, iron ore imports this year will be less than 800 million tons, if imports rise within the next four months should also be less than 850 million ton level, that is possible the annual decline of 83 million tons, equivalent to nearly 52 million tons of steel production, steel production, decline was equally impressive. Combination of minerals can decrease, eliminate backward production capacity and current overall capacity utilization and low-earnings steel mills shrink, crude steel production fell by 100 million tons this year is likely to occur. 

If the "golden decade" and "age of 4 trillion after" iron and steel production capacity continuing "positive potential" growth, but this year, for the inflection point, 2-5 years in the future development of iron and steel in "Buck" will pick up the baton and do it.

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