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Kerb Stone Characteristics Of Abrasive Sand Processing

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 27, 2015

Superabrasive grinding is mainly used in a diamond grinding and machining of cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheel side of high hardness and brittle stone materials. 

1. grinding ability, good wear resistance, high durability, easy to control the size and achieving processing automation. 

2. high grinding efficiency. When grinding tungsten carbide and non-hard and brittle materials, diamond grinding wheel with metal removal rate is superior to cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheel in processing more than heat-resistant steel, titanium, steel, and so on, cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheel is much higher than diamond wheel. 

3. grinding force, grinding temperature low, surface quality, no Burns, cracks, and organizational change. When diamond grinding of cemented carbide and its grinding forces only green silicon carbide grinding wheel 1/4~1/5. 4. low cost. 

Diamond and cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels grinding wheels are more expensive, but because of its long life, high efficiency and low cost.

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