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Overhead Rail Type Shot Blasting Machine /Hanger Shot Blaster

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 15, 2016

The characteristics of Overhead Monorail Blast Machines

One, the machine has the characteristics of advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable operation, high production efficiency.

Two, the machine with the help of PLC electrical control, the control gate of the projectile, and the delivery of the projectile and other fault detection, to achieve automatic control, so as to have the characteristics of high productivity, good reliability and advanced degree of automation and so on.

Three, shot blasting chamber body is made of steel, welded steel plate and box type structure with high strength and not vibrate. Shot blasting chamber ejection hotspot shield adopts ZGMn13 shield and wear, bulletproof pill against performance has greatly improved, the service life can reach above 17000 hours.

Four, the dust removal system adopts the most advanced pulse type anti - dust collector, which meets the requirements of the modern environmental protection dust removal.

Five, with the highest market retention rate, large quantity of shot blasting, high ejection velocity of Q034z15 cantilever centrifugal peen forming device, significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and labor productivity, and ensure the cleaning effect. Projectile with a symmetrical arrangement, to make the work be more comprehensive soft projectile impact, both to achieve the ideal cleaning effect, and ensure that the workpiece can not be deformed. A cast and rebound in the second bullet in order to improve the utilization rate of shots, so that the projectile cover uniform.

Six, the work piece carrier with gantry structure, can ensure that the workpiece under catenary suspension without obstacle free continuous conveyor, the maximum meet the workpiece cleaning requirements and operational safety.

Seven, the separator adopts full curtain type separator, the separation effect is good. The separation efficiency of the pill, slag and dust reaches 99%.

Eight, the use of advanced three level sealing protection, sealing effect is good.

Nine, workpiece conveying step by step through type, users can according to their own requirements for different workpiece arbitrarily adjust the blasting cleaning time, to control the productivity and the quality of cleaning. The workpiece can be continuous loading, double station shot blasting cleaning and discharging. For the user to save a lot of manpower, physical force, advance the construction period, save energy consumption.

Ten, hook walking tank adopts advanced flexible steel core rubber sheet, nylon brush, gas control rolltop in three grade sealing door, good sealing effect

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