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QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 17, 2016

The Mid Autumn Festival is over, the weather is cooler daocheng. A moratorium, crab, shrimp, etc. all kinds of seafood to occupy the market. Although the sea has become cool, but still can not stop people yearning for the sea, people around the country to take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday to play in Qingdao.

Autumn is a mature, harvest season, is the test of the fruits of the season. Chun nine shot blasting machine in the days of an invigorating autumn climate also ushered in the production season, the staff in order to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, held a small celebration. Enjoy the full moon, do now singing, now dancing, games, puzzles, awfully.

Shot blasting machine, as a leader in rust cleaning equipment, more and more industry familiar with the market, gradually entered the market maturity. From the introduction of technology to independent production, shot blasting machine production technology in China and abroad have to compete, even better. Qingdao not only blasting machine high quality and reasonable price, is the first choice of many factories.

We adhere to the concept of customer service, as a professional manufacturer of shot blasting machine, professional production of blast cleaning equipment.

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