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Sand Blasting Equipment Application Scope

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Sandblasting machine is generally divided into two categories: dry sandblasting machine and liquid blasting machine. Dry sandblasting machine can be divided into two types of sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine, , Shot blasting machine dry sandblasting machine. General composition

A complete suction dry blasting machine is usually composed of six systems, namely, structural systems, media power systems, piping systems, dust removal systems, control systems and auxiliary systems.

working principle

Inhalation Dry Blasting Machine is a compressed air as the driving force, through the high-speed movement of air in the gun to form a negative pressure, the abrasive through the sand pipe. Inhalation spray gun and spray through the nozzle, sprayed to the surface to be processed to achieve the desired processing purposes. A complete press-in dry blast blasting unit is usually composed of four systems, namely pressure tank, medium power system, piping system, control system. Pressure dry sandblasting machine working principle: pressure into the dry sandblasting machine is compressed air as the driving force, through the compressed air in the pressure tank to establish the working pressure, the abrasive through the sand valve, into the sand pipe and by The nozzle is ejected and sprayed onto the machined surface to achieve the desired machining head.

How to filter sandblasting machine

1. To see the size of the workpiece, choose box-type sandblasting machine, mobile sandblasting machine, and automatic sandblasting machine;

2. To see the shape of the product, choose the specifications of the blasting machine, generally one meter below the fixed specifications, especially large to build or choose open.

3. The degree of surface requirements of the product, this depends on the specific use of dry or wet spray, if it is dry spray, then the choice of a lot of abrasive, wet spray is generally glass sand

4. Blasting machine some of the accessories to be familiar with sandblasting guns and sandblasting gloves are often changing things, because the sandblasting is actually very bad wear. 1, surface cleaning processing: metal oxide, carbide black, metal or non-metallic surface rust removal, such as gravity die-casting mold, rubber mold oxide or removal of the removal of the ceramic surface black spots, uranium color removal, Painted rebirth. 2, landscaping processing: all kinds of gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products, extinction or surface treatment, crystal, glass, ripples, acrylic and other non-metallic surface processing and can make the surface of the product into a metallic luster. 3, etching processing: jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seal, elegant stone, antique, marble tombstones, ceramics, wood, bamboo and other etching art. 4, pre-processing processing: Teflon (TEFLON), PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber drum (ROLLER), electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium and other treatment before the surface adhesion increased. 5, burr processing: bakelite, plastic, zinc, aluminum die-casting products, electronic parts, magnetic core, such as the removal of the burr. 6, stress relief processing: aerospace, defense, precision industrial parts, rust, in addition to paint extinction, renovation and other stress relief processing. 7, electronic parts processing: silicon chip surface and etching, wafer back impurity removal, electronic parts packaging overflow rubber, finished product printing to remove the clean, ceramic electric cleaning 8, the mold of the processing: the general mold surface of the sandblasting, mold Bite after the surface treatment, line cutting die, glass mold, tire mold, conductive rubber mold, shoe mold, bakelite mold, electroplating mold, key mode, plastic mold. 9, the processing of large work: large parts such as oil tank, chemical tank, hull, copper, metal house, container, automobile industry, such as rust, paint, maintenance and large flat glass automatic surface treatment

Sandblasting application range


Electroplating, painting, spraying and so on all covered by sandblasting before processing, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Clean up

Casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts and other metal parts to the scale, debris, dirt; non-metallic products, surface cleaning, ceramic embryo chip surface black spot removal and reduction paint pattern.


Cars, motorcycles, electrical and mechanical equipment, all the moving parts of the renovation cleaning. While eliminating fatigue stress, extend the service life.


All metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) to eliminate the surface traces, matt matte treatment, the product surface to enhance the grade.

Mold processing:

Mold surface argon matte surface treatment, graphic production, and mold cleaning, do not hurt the mold surface, to ensure mold accuracy.

Burr treatment:

Machined parts of the tiny glitches to remove, injection parts overflow rubber burrs to eliminate.

Bad product rework:

Product defective cover removal, poor surface coloring and printing.


Increase the surface hardness of metal parts, eliminate stress, such as aircraft blades, springs, machining tools and weapons and other surface treatment.

Etching Anti-skidding:

Metal products, non-metallic products, surface etching patterns, text and anti-skid handling, such as: marble, handle non-slip, seals, stone inscriptions and so on.

Jeans treatment:

Denim scrub, whitening and cat to be achieved.

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