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Sand Blasting Equipment Factors Affect The Sandblasting Effect

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

What are the factors in the blasting machine that affect the blasting effect of the blasting machine?

1, the workpiece surface roughness

Factors that affect the surface roughness are the strength and hardness of the part material, the diameter of the blasting, the angle and speed of the blasting, and the original surface roughness of the part.

Under the same conditions, the higher the strength and surface hardness of the part material, the more difficult the plastic deformation, the more shallow the crater, the smaller the surface roughness value; the smaller the diameter of the sandblasting, the slower the crater , The surface roughness value becomes smaller; the angle of injection is large, the smaller the normal component of sandblasting velocity, the smaller the impact force, the shallow the crater, the greater the tangential velocity of blasting, the grinding effect of sandblasting on the surface The greater the surface roughness value is smaller. The original surface roughness of the part is also one of the factors, the rough the original surface, the smaller the surface roughness after blasting; on the contrary, the surface is smoother, the more rough the surface after blasting. When the parts of the high intensity of sandblasting, the deep crater not only increase the surface roughness value, but also the formation of a larger stress concentration, seriously weaken the effect of sandblasting to strengthen.

What factors will affect the sandblasting machine sandblasting effect? 1

2, sandblasting machine sandblasting strength

The parameters of the sand blasting strength are: sandblasting diameter, sandblasting flow velocity, sand blasting flow, sandblasting time and so on. The greater the diameter of the blasting, the faster the blasting and the collision of the workpiece the greater the momentum, the greater the strength of sandblasting. The residual compressive stress formed by blasting can reach 60% of the tensile strength of the part material, and the depth of the residual K stress layer is usually 0.25 mm and the maximum limit is Imm. Blasting strength requires a certain amount of sandblasting to ensure that, after a certain period of time, sandblasting strength to saturation, and then extend the sandblasting time, the intensity is no longer significantly increased. In the Almen test of blasting strength, the blasting strength is characterized by an increase in the deformation of the test piece.

In the Aergen test, the sandblasting strength commonly used test pieces (for non-ferrous metal test), A test pieces (most commonly used), C test pieces (higher strength) to measure, A test pieces and C between the test pieces The relationship is approximately three times the relationship. Such as the use of C test piece measured strength of 0.15 ~ 0.20tmn, equivalent to A test piece 0.45 ~ 060mm. During the test, the original deformation of the test piece is measured, and then the work piece of the test piece is placed in the blasting box and sprayed with the same process as the workpiece. Sandblasting end, remove the test piece, measured King deformation arch height.

3, sandblasting coverage rate

Measurement of the coverage: the surface of the workpiece coated with a layer of glaze or fluorescent glaze, and then according to the process parameters of the workpiece sandblasting, the workpiece surface sandblasting again after the workpiece removed under the microscope (magnifying glass) observed under the residual coating The proportion of the surface, such as residual 20%, then the sandblasting coverage rate of 80%. Only 2% of the residue, that is, coverage of 98%, can be regarded as all clear, that coverage is 100%, then there is a time required. If you reach 400% coverage, you need four times the time required.

Factors affecting the coverage of parts of the material hardness, sandblasting diameter, spray angle and distance, sandblasting time. In the specified sand blasting strength conditions, the hardness of the parts below or equal to the standard test piece hardness, the coverage rate can reach 100%; the other hand, the search coverage will decline. Under the same blasting flow, the longer the nozzle is spaced from the workpiece, the smaller the angle of the jet, the smaller the sandblasting diameter, and the shorter the time required to reach the coverage. Sandblasting to strengthen, should choose the appropriate size of sandblasting, spray angle and distance, so that sand blasting strength and coverage at the same time to achieve the required value.

Sandblasting machine before and during use of the precautions

1) sandblasting host top sub-tank ball valve to be open; freeze dryer, gas three filters, gas tank drain valve should be closed;

2) the rotation of the dust collector motor should be consistent with the logo;

3) the use of the process, if found in the sub-tank interface leak phenomenon, please put the gas tank end valve closed, open the fan, and then open the sandblasting switch, to be heard no jet sound, turn off the switch, then points Gas tank interface, 1.5-inch filter removed, re-wound in the silk on the tape after the tape installed and tightened, open the gas tank end valve, to be checked at the interface can not leak;

5) in the main cabin before and after the door are equipped with sand, when the door is opened, the door at the sand will fall in the sand into the sand, and in the cleaning of its sand, you can use a small brush (paint Brush can be) will be swept into the cabin of the sand chamber hole back to the cabin recycling;

6) should always check the gate limit switch and the various pipe connections, so that it is always in good condition.

7) should be regularly checked (every 70 hours to check once) spray gun nozzle, gas nozzle sheath wear, if any wear and tear according to the use of gun maintenance requirements; sand pipe, back to the sand pipe, dust pipe, To ensure that it is in good condition. The above pipe and gas nozzle sheath can be rotated 90 degrees after each period of use to increase the use of time.

8) No other items other than specified abrasives shall be dropped into the nacelle so as not to damage or block the nozzle and piping

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