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Sand Blasting Equipment Same Material

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

Generally speaking, sandblasting effect is mainly determined by sandblasting medium (abrasive), Sand Blasting Equipment the range can be from the effect of strong metal abrasive to the effect of soft resin abrasive, while dry spraying and wet spraying is also a key factor to consider, Sand Blasting Equipment the customer can carry the workpiece sample determination. According to the processing capacity of the selection of automated sandblasting production line, semi-automatic sandblasting equipment, pressure-type sandblasting machine, general pressure type sandblasting machines. Select the cabin size according to the workpiece size,Sand Blasting Equipment so that there is enough space to complete the processing work. According to the equipment specifications to determine the air compressor capacity, Sand Blasting Equipment and leave 20% allowance to protect the air compressor service life. When you choose sandblasting equipment, you should consider the vendor or manufacturer's expertise and experience, Sand Blasting Equipment a good supplier can provide you with the most effective guidance and after-sales service. Sandblasting machine is divided into general pressure and high-pressure operation, box-type sandblasting machine for general pressure operation, suitable for the processing of products. Mobile sandblasting machine processing high-pressure operation, Sand Blasting Equipment high efficiency, suitable for open work, Sand Blasting Equipment but the environment has a certain impact, suggest open operation or installation of exhaust fan.

Abrasive varieties are very from, mainly: steel sand, steel pill, quartz sand, brown corundum, copper sand, glass sand, walnut shell, aluminum pill and so on. Different abrasive materials should be selected according to different substrates and different requirements. In principle, the use of the same material as the substrate abrasive is the best way, under a certain pressure, the higher the hardness of abrasive, Sand Blasting Equipment cleaning efficiency is higher, abrasive particles small, high efficiency. As a result of the pressure-type sandblasting machine sand gun inside the hole in the 6-12mm, so, the larger the abrasive particles, Sand Blasting Equipment through the aperture of the sand blasting gun particle size higher, the unit area impact on the surface of the number of points on the workpiece less, Sand Blasting Equipment sandblasting efficiency is low. On the other hand, the smaller the abrasive particles, the more particles out through the aperture of the sandblasting gun, the more the number of points on the surface of the workpiece, the higher the efficiency of sandblasting. However, if the abrasive particle diameter is less than 0.05MM, like dust, Sand Blasting Equipment impact on the surface of the workpiece kinetic energy is very small, no power, efficiency is not high.

1, to see the size of the workpiece, Sand Blasting Equipment the choice of box-type sandblasting machine, mobile sandblasting machines, as well as automatic sandblasting;

2, to see the shape of the product, the choice of sandblasting machine specifications, Sand Blasting Equipment generally a meters below have fixed specifications, particularly large to order or open to choose.

3, the surface requirements of the product level, this specific to see is with dry spray or wet spray, if it is dry spray, the choice of abrasive, Sand Blasting Equipment wet spray is generally glass sand.

4, sandblasting machine some parts to be familiar with, sandblasting gun and sand blasting gloves are often to change things, because sandblasting is actually very serious wear.

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