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Sand Blasting Room Design Principles

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Sandblasting room (room), spray paint room (room) refers to the construction workshop in the sandblasting room (room), spray paint room (room) (commonly known as room structure). It is a small steel structure, containers, construction machinery, power generation equipment and other industries to deal with a small and medium-sized equipment design. The actual process design, can also be pipelined operation design. General size: width of 3 ~ 8m, length of 6 ~ 30m, height of 3 ~ 8m, the structure is generally steel structure.

Sandblasting room (room), spray paint room (room) is designed to reflect the level of development of contemporary painting, but also to practical principles, with the lowest investment, the lowest operating costs, the least maintenance probability, the most simple operation The way for the design goals.

1, advanced nature

System design and equipment to reflect the requirements of modern production, in the funds allowed under the premise of the use of advanced technology and design. Advanced nature is mainly reflected in the high efficiency of painting, easy control, dust handling capacity, less dust emissions. Electrical control system control cabinet centralized control, equipment, respectively, control, work status display, security alarm display.

2, practicality

Sandblasting room (room), spray paint room (room) design, we must first consider its use, practical mainly reflected in the use of convenient and reliable, less failure rate, easy maintenance, easy replacement parts.

3, environmental protection

Sandblasting room (room), spray paint room (room) system will produce a lot of dust, paint mist, solvent, in the design to prevent the coating room dust, paint mist, solvent leakage, especially consider the door seal; Do not dust, paint mist, solvent concentration. To minimize the dust inside the coating room, paint mist, solvent emissions;

Blasting workers breathing air, to be specially treated by the special air to supply. In addition, take full action to reduce noise

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