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Sand Blasting Room Protective Device

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Sandblasting room on both sides of the side with an electric work car, to facilitate the operator sandblasting operation, the entire sandblasting room lining wear-resistant, Sand Blasting Room noise reduction rubber liner, two sets of filter-type dust collector for the sandblasting room Of the ventilation and dust, dust content of less than 60mg / m3. A set of automatic pellet selection and screening devices can be too large or too small waste from the media sorted out into the scene of the recycling waste hopper, Sand Blasting Room with automatic pill air selection vibrating screen. At the same time to provide operator protection devices, including the operator to protect the helmets, Siamese sandals and sandblasting gloves, breathing filters and respiratory thermostat, the maximum protection of the operator safe and healthy working environment.

Sandblasting treatment can achieve good surface quality and cleanliness, sandblasting equipment can be arbitrarily selected a variety of abrasive for sandblasting, Sand Blasting Room suitable for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other different materials of the surface of the vehicle blasting cleaning. The entire blasting system can be customized according to customer needs to meet customer demand for efficient, safe, environmentally friendly sandblasting

First of all, we first come to understand the classification of sandblasting room, sandblasting room mainly to abrasive recovery is divided into two categories, Sand Blasting Room one is the wind (gas) force recycling sandblasting room, the other is the mechanical recycling recycling spray Sand room.

Pay attention to the wind (gas) force Recycling sandblasting room with the fan suction generated by the negative pressure to the abrasive recovery, after sand and dust separation device, into the blasting tank recycling. The advantage of this recycling method is shallow construction of the foundation, Sand Blasting Room the transmission system does not have mechanical transmission components, so the construction period is short, low cost of infrastructure, there is no need to repair the transmission parts, Sand Blasting Room reducing maintenance costs and downtime; the disadvantage is the fan power. This type of sandblasting room is generally applicable to the room length of less than 30 meters, sandblasting little work environment.

In addition to our understanding is the mechanical sandblasting room, mechanical recycling recycling sandblasting room mainly through the belt, spiral or scraper conveyor, bucket machine and other mechanical transmission equipment recovery abrasive, after sand and dust separation device, Sand Blasting Room into the sandblasting Cans are recycled. The shortcomings of this recycling method is the deep foundation of civil construction, a large number of mechanical transmission parts, so the construction period is long, the higher the cost of infrastructure, Sand Blasting Room mechanical transmission part of the maintenance workload, Sand Blasting Room the use of high cost of accessories; the total power is relatively small equipment The This type of sandblasting room is generally applicable to the housing length of more than 30 meters, sandblasting a larger working environment.

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