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Sand Blasting Room The Characteristics Of

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

Sandblasting room also called sand blasting room, play room, suitable for large workpiece surface cleaning, rust removal, increase the workpiece and the adhesion between the coating effects, sandblasting room according to the abrasive way of recycling peening room is divided into: mechanical recycling type shot blasting room and artificial recovery type shot blasting room. The artificial recycling sandblasting room due to the economic and practical, simple, convenient, simple materials, greatly reduced the cost of sandblasting room cost, also accepted by many customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main characteristic of sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during sandblasting. Protective clothing and helmets prevent the operator from being buffeted by abrasives. Ventilators provide fresh air for operators through helmets.

The sandblasting room is mainly used for large parts or for the use of automatic sandblasting equipment to deal with very expensive parts. The nozzle manipulator installed in the sandblast room can automatically spray sand on the surface of the parts. The area of automatic sand blasting can be completed by hand blasting. This keeps the flexibility and reduces the number of sandblasting operators.

Abrasive delivery is another highlight of the equipment design. In addition to the well-known flat - type conveying floor that requires a very small depth of installation, the disand has an extremely rich experience in the transmission technology of the spiral conveyor and the vibrating horizontal grits. Open sand blasting is generally used for large workpieces.

Use the scale

1. Predisposing: electroplating, spray painting, spraying, etc. All cover the pre-treatment of sand blasting, the appearance is sure to be hygienic, together with great progress covering the adhesion and corrosion resistance.

2. Finishing: metal workpieces, such as casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, thermal disposal parts, etc., to oxidize the skin, residue and grime. Non - metal product appearance finishing, the ceramic embryo of the appearance of the black spot eradication and the reconstruction of paint patterns, etc.

3. Innovation of old pieces: innovation and cleaning of all moving parts, such as automobile, motorcycle, sandblasting room, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. Together to eliminate fatigue stress, extended service life.

4. Light decoration: all metal products and non-metal products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) are removed, the argon mist surface treatment, the product appearance promotion level.

5. Handling and disposal: the surface of the mould can be disposed of in ar, the drawing text is made, and the mould is arranged in a way that does not damage the mould's appearance and the precision of the mould.

6. Masting disposal: small burr removal of machining parts and the removal of plastic parts of injection molding parts.

7. Bad product rework: the product bad cover layer removal, poor appearance and the removal of the printed word.

8. Reinforcement: add metal appearance hardness, eliminate stress, such as aircraft blade, spring, machining tool and weapon, etc.

9. Engraving and anti-slip processing: metal products, non-metal products, etching pictures, words and anti-slip disposal, such as marble, handle anti-slip, seal, stele, etc.

10. Jeans wear disposal: jeans wear sand, hair white and wool whiskers to achieve.

What is sandblasting: a method of finishing the appearance with the gravel of high speed. It can remove the outer surface of the skin, grease, patent leather, etc., to achieve a more uniform appearance quality. The following processes can be welded, oxidized, coated, chemically heated, phosphating, etc. Spray sand can make the surface of the workpiece to be residual stress, and make the workpiece surface quality evenly, can improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece. The effect of strengthening is less than the projectile, and the workpiece deformation is less than the projectile.

The characteristics of

1. Install the operating switch on the nozzle, and realize automatic control, which can control the spray shot or jet. This can be used to clean the surface of the jet after cleaning up.

2. The jet force is strong and stable.

It can be used for long and high pressure operation, ensuring uniform and high quality cleaning. Good sealing performance and no leakage at work.

3. The machine features a cp-2 type thermostat mask. The cp-2 thermostat masks consist of air filters, thermostats, double helmets and protective clothing. Through the air filter to remove the moisture, rust and other dust particles and oil and gas, stink of compressed air (air filtration precision is 0.5 um) through the temperature controller (temperature control range of 10-35 ℃) slowly into the double helmet, to ensure that operators receive temperature is moderate, feel comfortable and fresh air, combined with masks open field of vision, greatly improved the working environment of workers shot peening, protecting the body health. High efficiency and durable klingmunk grinding valve, high efficiency, safety, long service life.

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