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Sand Blasting Room Use Scale

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Sandblasting room, also known as shot blasting room, playing sand room, adapted to some large workpiece surface cleaning, rust, increase the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating and other effects, sandblasting room according to the recovery of abrasive shot blasting room is divided into : Mechanical recovery shot blasting room and artificial recovery shot blasting room. Among them, artificial recovery sandblasting room because of economical and practical, simple, convenient, easy to use, greatly reducing the cost of sandblasting room costs, but also by many customers, especially Small and medium enterprises accepted.

Design features

The main feature of the sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during the blasting process. Protective clothing and helmets prevent the operator from being impacted by abrasives, which provide fresh air to the operator through the helmet.

Sandblasting rooms are mainly used for large parts or with automatic sand blasting devices to handle very expensive parts. The nozzle manipulator installed in the sandblasting chamber can automatically blast the surface of the part, and the area where the automatic sandblasting treatment is difficult can be achieved by manual blasting. This keeps the flexibility and reduces the number of sandblasting operators.

Abrasive delivery is another highlight of the device design. In addition to the well-known flat conveyor ground that requires a small installation depth, Di Sand has a wealth of experience in screw conveyors and vibrating grid abrasive conveyors. For large workpieces generally use open sandblasting.

Design Basis

Sandblasting room design, it is necessary to consider the current user and a variety of shipbuilding specifications, but also consider the IMO specification of the new requirements for painting.

Painting room design, it is necessary to show the development of contemporary international shipbuilding coating level, but also to the practical principle, to achieve low input high efficiency, that is, lower operating costs, the least maintenance probability, the most simple mode of operation Goal, get the greatest economic benefits. The configuration of the coating equipment must be advanced, reasonable and effective.

The design of the sandblasting room must meet and meet the following requirements:

① all the normal operation of the painting;

② process equipment can be full load for a long time trouble-free operation, sandblasting and paint between the whole are used "no fault" design;

③ central control system should meet the process equipment system is simple, high degree of automation requirements;

④ technology system should be advanced, practical and security;

⑤ through the optimization of design, improve the system's comprehensive price / performance ratio;

⑥ economical, reasonable and comfortable ventilation, dust and paint mist treatment;

⑦ sandblasting and painting the production capacity of the basic design requirements;

⑧ system equipment, it is necessary to advanced, complete supporting, but also reduce the dependence on ancillary services.

Use scale

First, the pretreatment: electroplating, painting, spraying and so on are all covered before the blasting disposal, the appearance of certain health, together greatly improve the adhesion of the cover layer and anti-corrosion ability.

Second, finishing: casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts and other metal parts to the scale, residue, dust; non-metallic products, finishing, ceramic embryo mold surface removal and recovery of paint and other painting.

Third, the old pieces of innovation: cars, motorcycles, sandblasting room electromechanical equipment and other sports parts of the innovative cleaning. Together with the elimination of fatigue stress, extended life.

Fourth, the decorative: all metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) to eliminate the appearance of traces of argon fog surface treatment, so that the product appearance level.

5, touch with a handle: mold appearance argon matte surface treatment, graphic production, and mold finishing, do not hurt the appearance of the mold, to ensure that the mold accuracy.

Sixth, burr disposal: machining parts of small burrs to remove, injection parts overflow rubber burrs to eliminate.

Seven, bad product rework: product bad cover to remove, the appearance of poor color and printing to remove.

8, strengthen: add metal parts of the external hardness, the elimination of stress, such as aircraft blades, baling spring, machining tools and weapons and other external disposal.

Nine, etching non-slip processing: metal products, non-metallic products, the appearance of etching drawings, text and anti-skid handling, such as: marble, handle non-slip, seal, stone inscriptions and so on.

10, jeans disposal: jeans scrub, white and hair to be achieved.

What is blasting: a way to sort out the appearance with high-speed grit. Can remove the appearance of the scale, grease, patent leather, etc., to obtain a more uniform appearance quality. Subsequent processes can be welded, oxidized, coated, the appearance of chemical heat treatment, phosphate and so on. Sandblasting can make the appearance of the workpiece residual compressive stress, and the appearance of the workpiece uniform quality, can improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece. The effect of strengthening is worse than that of shot blasting.

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