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Some Tips About Shot Blasting Machine

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Nov 04, 2016

In fact, seemingly complex shot blasting machine only divided into three main parts,

1. Workpiece operation.

2. Shot blasting system.

3. Sand circulation.

All shot blasting machine can not escape these three parts.

Because the workpiece is running in different ways, is divided into different types of shot blasting machine. Hook type, crawler type, drum type, through type and so on.

The number of shot blasting machine also differentiate the number of different series shot blasting machine to meet the different requirements of the cleaning effect.

Sand circulation system, the most important is to upgrade and dust removal system. Dust catcher is divided into filter and bag filter, to meet different customer requirements.

The quality of the machine is determined not only by technology, but also by materials and workmanship. My company's production workers have rich experience in production, rigorous, from the selection to the processing, never careless.

To provide the most suitable machine, has always been our constant idea. In the rapid development of the road, constantly updated technology, improve the quality of materials, create a better machine, for more customer service.

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