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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Consists Of Four Components

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  Projectile shot blasting machine is divided into drum type, chain plate type, turntable type, trolley type, squirrel cage type and hanging type shot blasting machine.

Roller and chain plate shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized castings that are not afraid of collisions. Roller-type shot blasting machine by the barrel of the spiral-shaped guide, so that casting flip and run forward. Chain plate shot blasting machine through the chain plate movement, so that casting flip and run. Turntable, trolley and hanging shot blasting machines are used to clean large and medium-sized castings, usually with a fixed shot blasting chamber, the castings are cleaned or moved in the shot blasting chamber. Shot blasting chamber is usually equipped with several shot blasting machine, installed in different positions, from different azimuths projectile, in order to improve the cleaning efficiency of the shot blasting machine and clean up the quality. Suspension type shot blasting machine can be cleaned according to the needs of the castings, in the hanging chain configuration of a number of hooks, cleaning castings hanging on the hook, while running forward at the same time flip. Castings in the shot blasting outdoor loading and unloading, in the room to clean up.

According to the working system can be divided into intermittent and continuous shot blasting machine.

Projectile shot blasting machine is mainly composed of four components:

① shot blasting machine generally use high-speed rotation of the impeller will be under the action of high centrifugal force in a certain direction to the projectile. In the course of work, some shot blasting machine can be a certain angle of swing or up and down to move.

② Projectile collection, separation and transportation system.

③ the casting in the shot blasting process of continuous operation and flip the carrier.

④ dust removal system.

Sandblasting room: no deep pit (also do not do pit), low construction costs, short construction period.

Shot blasting machine equipment mainly by the shot blasting machine, wear rubber ring, twisted dragon, lifting, separator, feed conveyor, dust collector, cleaning machine combination.

Drum type

Drum-type shot blasting machine is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller will be shot into the drum continuously flip the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece, belonging to the scope of casting machinery. It is suitable for all industries in the 15 kg below the casting and forging sand, rust, descaling and surface strengthening. Drum-type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of not afraid of collision, scratches cast, forging, is a small heat treatment workshop to clean the surface of the workpiece residual sand, the ideal equipment for oxide, the main drum, separator, shot blasting machine, Gear motors and other components.


Crawler-type shot blasting machine for multi-species, large and medium-sized production of the surface of the workpiece rust or shot to strengthen, clean up the workpiece must be not afraid of the collision of a single 150kg casting and heat treatment parts, the machine can stand-alone use, but also Wiring is used. Casting machinery range. Automatic: the workpiece into the rubber track roller, the operator press the "run" button, shot blasting chamber door closed, shot blasting began, the track forward, the workpiece constantly rolling, efficient and powerful shot blasting machine will throw Pill high-speed projecting to the surface of the workpiece is rolling, the workpiece can be completely evenly cleaned. Steel balls through the track on the hole into the screw conveyor, and then transported to the bucket elevator hopper, bucket elevator to the separator, was isolated after storage stand. After the shot blasting, the shot chamber door is automatically opened, the track is reversed, and the workpiece is discharged. Crawler-type shot blasting machine Applications: die casting, precision casting, precision forgings, such as cleaning, Remove the surface of the heat treatment pieces, castings, forgings. Spring reinforcement. Fastener rust and pretreatment.

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