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Spring Shot Blasting Machine High Speed Throw

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: May 19, 2017

 The shot blasting machine can clean up all kinds of residue on the surface of the metal workpiece, and it can remove the core and clean the Shan of the castings. The shot is rotated at Spring Shot Blasting Machine high speed by the impeller, the abrasive in the center of the impeller, through the flow block (Regulator) and the impeller propeller (Impeller) pre-acceleration, into the blade area and then the abrasive high-speed thrown, the speed can be more than 100 S, due to the wide range of shot blasting, so do not need to use air pressure, energy efficiency is much higher than Impeller is the heart of the shot blasting machine, Spring Shot Blasting Machine driven directly or indirectly by electric motor, each impeller manufacturer has a unique design, mainly divided into single disc and two-disc impeller. Shot blasting machine, the use of projectile thrown by high-speed projectiles to clean or strengthen the casting surface casting equipment. Shot blasting function at the same time on the casting sand Shan removing core and cleaning. The main use of high-speed rotating impeller to throw the ball sand, Spring Shot Blasting Machine high-speed impact on the surface of parts, to meet the requirements of surface treatment.

The projectile circulation system of the shot blasting machine consists of a hoist, a separator, a screw conveyor and a feeding pipe.

Its basic workflow is as follows:

1) A fixed amount of abrasive in the gravitational action from the hopper through the feed pipe into the rotating split pill wheel;

2 The split pill wheel causes the abrasive to be sprayed on the rotating blade by the opening on the directional sleeve;

3 The projectile throws the abrasive ball to the workpiece to be treated by centrifugal force;

4) After the impact of the workpiece, from the workpiece cleaning of sand, rust skin and other impurities and abrasives into the funnel;

5 The abrasive treatment system is to lift the abrasive material containing impurities to the air separation system above the machine;

6 The Air separation system can enter the air separator by sieve bucket and pill granule according to the need of the work.

7 Air separator To remove small particles of sand and rust crumbs and other light substances and sent into a separate dustbin;

8 Clean the appropriate particle size of abrasive into the storage hopper reuse, cycle completion.

The shot blasting equipment is first Spring Shot Blasting Machine used in casting steel, cast iron parts of the surface of the sand and oxide skin removal. Almost all steel castings, gray castings, malleable parts, ductile iron parts and so on are shot peening. This is not only to remove the surface of the casting oxide and sticky sand, but also the casting quality inspection before the indispensable Spring Shot Blasting Machine preparation process, such as large-scale gas turbine chassis in non-destructive testing before the need to carry out a rigorous shot blasting blast cleaning, to ensure the reliability of testing results. In the production of general castings, blasting shot cleaning is an essential technology to find the surface defects of castings, such as skin gas hole, slag hole, sticky sand, cold insulation and peeling. Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy surface cleaning, in addition to the removal of oxidized skin, the surface defects found in castings, but also the main purpose is to remove the die casting ball burr and to obtain a decorative meaning of the surface quality, to obtain comprehensive results.

In metallurgical iron and steel production, the spraying pill one pickling is a kind of process method to ensure the high productivity in the steel production and the mechanical chemical combined removal of phosphate skin. In the production of other alloy steel plates and strips, Spring Shot Blasting Machine such as silicon steel, stainless steel sheet, the annealing process must be carried out in order to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of cold rolled steel sheet.

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