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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Operating Procedures

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

The use of shot blasting machine throwing high-speed projectile cleaning or strengthening the casting surface casting equipment. Shot blasting machine at the same time on the castings of sand, in addition to core and clean up. Some areas are also known in the mouth called sand machine, sandblasting machine.

Surface cleaning

Shot blasting equipment is first used in the casting industry cast steel, cast iron parts of the surface of sand and the removal of oxide.

Almost all of the cast steel, gray castings, Magang, ductile iron and so on to be shot blasting. This is not only to remove the surface of the castings oxide and sticky sand, but also the casting quality inspection before the indispensable preparation process, such as large gas turbine chassis in the nondestructive testing must be carried out before the strict shot peening to ensure the results of the test reliability. In the general casting production, throwing shot peening is found in the casting surface defects such as subcutaneous stomata, slag and sticky sand, cold separation, from the skin and other essential means of technology. Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum, copper alloy surface cleaning, in addition to scavenging oxide, found the casting surface defects, the more important purpose is to throw shot peening to remove the burrs of die cast and get a decorative surface quality , To obtain a comprehensive effect. Metallurgical Iron and steel production, shot peening or pickling is to ensure that large quantities of steel production to obtain high productivity and the use of mechanical or chemical joint removal of phosphorus skin of a process. Silicon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and other alloy steel plate, with the production process, in the cold rolling process must be carried out after annealing and shot blasting or pickling treatment to ensure that the cold-rolled steel plate surface roughness and thickness accuracy.

Workpiece reinforcement

According to the theory of modern metal strength, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the main direction to improve the strength of the metal. Practice has proved that shot blasting is an effective process to increase the metal dislocation structure. This is of great significance to the fact that some metals can not be hardened by phase change hardening (such as martensitic quenching, etc.) or to achieve further hardening of the workpiece on the basis of hardening. Aviation, aerospace industry, automobile, tractor and other parts of the requirements of light, but the reliability requirements are getting higher and higher, the important process is to use throwing shot peening process to improve the strength and fatigue strength.

Operating procedures

1, the operation of the equipment strict implementation of fixed posts training posts, familiar with the machine performance and characteristics.

2, familiar with the use of shot blasting machine operating procedures, use, maintenance and maintenance.

3, the operator must check the control cabinet (panel) all types of switches in the required location (including the power switch) and then to boot, so as not to malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accidents.

4, non-local operators are not free to operate or touch the electrical switch control area, and not close to the machine work area, so as to avoid accidents.

5, the operator must wear protective clothing, glasses and so on.

6, the operator starts with special attention to all kinds of panel instructions, until all the instructions to reach the normal value of the instrument, in order to operate a small crane (roller) into the work process. If the individual instrument indicates that there is a large error (not normal) immediately shut down. Check the equipment failure to work properly after the boot.

7, equipment operation, the operator of the equipment must be inspected to check whether there are abnormal sound and various parts of the overheating phenomenon. Operation found that the equipment has a serious failure, that is, according to "emergency stop" button to be stopped, with the professionals to exclude equipment failure.

8, the operator must be on the equipment by "equipment management" for routine maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication). Timely cleaning dust and debris in the dust every week, so as not to affect the quality of dust to ensure that the equipment in good condition.

9, the operator must be civilized production and production safety at the same time strict implementation of the shift system.

10, the end of the work, immediately cut off the power switch to avoid the operation of the device. And clean up the workplace.

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