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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Seal Protection Measures

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

1. The use of foreign advanced technology, enhance the hoist, Spring Shot Blasting Machine separator, screw conveyor the overall use of functions, give full play the cleaning function of the blasting machine.

2. The use of advanced fully enclosed capsule system and self-control projectile gate.

 3. The use of a variety of new structures and sealing materials, Spring Shot Blasting Machine increase the sealing effect and intensity.

4. Clean the room at both ends of the workpiece at the entrance of multi-layer bullet bulletproof board, to prevent the projectile and dust splash out of the room in vitro.

5. Maintenance doors have strong sealing protection measures.

6. The use of environmentally friendly work, Spring Shot Blasting Machine can not afford to dust, do not pollute the work space, to provide clean operating environment.

7. Noise ≤ 90dB

8. Dust concentration emission standard <120mg / m3

Shot blasting machine is the use of shot blasting machine throwing high-speed projectile cleaning or strengthening the casting surface of the casting equipment. After decades of continuous development, shot blasting machine from the traditional fixed to the present mobile development, from horizontal to vertical movement. Spring Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting machine from a single kind of mechanical development to a field, from a single production process to the entire production process part. Shot blasting machine is constantly extending to every industry, to the industry production process to bring great convenience.

At the same time the projectile gate is closed. Spring Shot Blasting Machine 1 steel pipe cleaning order: steel pipe in place to detect _ steel tube rotation forward shot blasting chamber - projectile gate open - steel shot blasting cleaning - steel tube rotation out of the pills room.

2 Projectile cycle sequence: Projectile storage - Flow control - Shot blasting machine - Pellet bucket Conveyor projectile - Bucket hoist - Pellet separator - Pellet (recirculation)

3 dust disposal order: shot blasting room dust, Spring Shot Blasting Machine separator dust - butterfly valve air flow control mdash; inertial dust collector bag or filter cartridge a fan into the atmosphere.

1. The workpiece on the feeding conveyor belt, the vibration into the work after the ring. Automatically sent to the vibration feed port.

2. Shot blasting the high-speed projectile strikes the appearance of the workpiece, Spring Shot Blasting Machine the workpiece with the work of the slow rotation and into the project area. To achieve the purpose of cleaning the appearance.

3. Spiral dragon will be gradually pushed into the entrance of the projectile, Spring Shot Blasting Machine throwing the projectile concentrated to the bottom of the bed. Fall into the vibrating screen, the sieved debris discharged from the bed, after passing the qualified projectile from the hoist to the top of the machine, Spring Shot Blasting Machine re-enter the shot blasting machine for shot blasting.

4. After the drum drive cleaning Yu Wan, Spring Shot Blasting Machine after the shot after the workpiece. From the conveyor belt to the discharge port.

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