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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Structure Type

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

Hook-type shot blasting machine by the shot blasting room, hoist, separator, screw conveyor, Spring Shot Blasting Machine two shot blasting machine assembly, projectile control system, Spring Shot Blasting Machine hook walking track, hook system, rotation device, foundation, dust removal system And electrical control parts and other components.

1) hook shot blasting machine large shot peening, Spring Shot Blasting Machine high ejection speed, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, to obtain a satisfactory clean-up quality.

2) Hook-type shot blasting machine using simulated ejection map (including the type of shot blasting machine, the number and location of the space to determine the location), Spring Shot Blasting Machine the use of computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, shot blasting machine selection and layout is more reasonable.

3) hook-type shot blasting machine with a popular pit-free structure, Spring Shot Blasting Machine not only saves the foundation of the construction costs and time.

Adjustment method of shot blasting machine with multi - throwing hook - type shot blasting machine

When adjusting the shot blasting machine of the hook type shot blasting machine, pay attention to the position of the throwing device. Spring Shot Blasting Machine So that the projectile projection should be covered in the workpiece to be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the clean-up efficiency.

The location of the orientation window, if necessary, can be painted on a piece of wood or laying a thick black paper, placed on the location of the workpiece to be cleaned, start hook-type shot blasting machine shot, manual to the hook throw Pill shot blasting machine into the pillow tube by adding a small amount of projectile, check the location of the projectile, such as the location of the throwing area is not correct, Spring Shot Blasting Machine should adjust the orientation sleeve to obtain the ideal location prevail.

Most of the projectiles are thrown out of the blade, so the blade is the most wearable parts of the blasting machine, the blade with the impeller to adjust the rotation, should pay special attention to safety and maintenance, must stop the rotation after the impeller to open the cover Plate, check the wear and tear, Spring Shot Blasting Machine such as the spring clip found loose, the blade wear serious, should be replaced, the symmetry of the two leaves of the same weight, Spring Shot Blasting Machine so as to avoid the impeller when the operation of a greater vibration.

The directional sleeve is a wearable part. When the rectangular window is worn 5 mm or so, it must be 5 mm (depending on the direction of rotation of the impeller) from the scale finger, Spring Shot Blasting Machine and then 5 mm later, Continue to use, when the window wears more than 15 mm should be replaced, otherwise the projectile radial scattering angle will increase to speed up the protection of the guard, Spring Shot Blasting Machine reducing the cleaning effect.

Sub-ball round after wear less than 15 mm should be replaced, such as continue to use, the projectile radial scattering angle also increased, Spring Shot Blasting Machine to speed up the protection of the plate to reduce the cleaning effect.

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