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Spring Shot Blasting Machine The Purpose Of Cleaning

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

The motor-driven shot wheel produces centrifugal force and wind force during the high-speed rotation. Spring Shot Blasting Machine When the pellets of certain granularity flow into the pellet tube, it is accelerated into the high-speed rotation of the pellets. Under the action of centrifugal force, The pillar window is thrown into the orientation sleeve and is then thrown by the directional window, Spring Shot Blasting Machine picked up by the high-speed rotating blades and continuously accelerated along the length of the blade until it is thrown, the pellets are thrown to form a certain fan- To combat the surface of the casting, the impact of rust, oxide, to fall off to remove, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the casting.

Throw the pellets and clean down the scale of the removal of the material into the bottom of the shot blasting chamber, the lower screw conveyor to the bucket elevator, Spring Shot Blasting Machine from the bucket elevator to the top, and then transported by the screw conveyor to the pill The separation of the clean pellets into the pellet storage bin and the recycling of the pellets and the removed debris from the waste pipe. Dust generated during the cleaning process through the connecting pipe from the fan to the filter to filter, clean air into the atmosphere, the dust on the bag by the mechanical shock into the dust collector at the bottom of the dust bag, can be cleaned regularly.

Shot blasting machine mainly by the shot blasting machine, shot blasting room, purge room, pellet circulation system, dust removal system, guide roller, Spring Shot Blasting Machine support roller, protective roller, seal curtain and sealing roller and other components

Shot blasting machine by a motor, drive pulley, impeller driven by rotation. The shot blasting machine is mounted on the shot blasting chamber. The head is the core part of the blasting machine, mainly composed of the pill pills, sub-ball round, directional sets, impeller and leaves and other components

The sub-ball wheel is installed in the center of the impeller and is connected with the impeller shaft through the linkage plate and is rotated synchronously with the impeller shaft.Spring Shot Blasting Machine  The front of the pellet wheel is connected to the pellet tube, and the effect of the pills is to feed the pellets with a window, which can distribute the pellets entering the vanes and push the pellets to A certain speed.

The directional sleeve is set between the sub-pellet wheel and the impeller, fixed on the throwing shell, and does not rotate with the sub-pillar wheel, the impeller rotates, and the directional sleeve is used to control the projectile's final direction from the blade. There is a directional port on the orientation, the angle of the orientation port can be adjusted. By adjusting the angle of the orientation port can control the throwing direction of the pellets, and then control the shot area and the bursting density.Spring Shot Blasting Machine Adjust the orientation of the directional sleeve when the angle can be loose to the fixed set of pressure block, so that the orientation sleeve to the desired angle position.

The impeller is coupled to the impeller shaft by a combination disc and rotated synchronously with the impeller shaft. There is a dovetail groove on the impeller. The position of the dovetail groove is determined by the blade structure.


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