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Spring Shot Blasting Machine Welding Structure

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

Shot blasting machine is the main part of the shot blasting machine accessories. Spring Shot Blasting Machine Shot blasting machine by the impeller, sub-ball round, directional sets, spindle and other spare parts.

Steel balls rely on their own weight from the funnel into the sub-ball round, with the spindle at the same speed rotation of the sub-round, then rolled steel ball rotation. Under the action of centrifugal force, the iron pellet is pressed against the inside of the directional sleeve, Spring Shot Blasting Machine when the iron pill to the directional sleeve opening, it is thrown from the opening, for the high-speed rotation of the blade and take along the blade from the inside out for acceleration, 60 ~ 80m / s speed was fan-shaped to be cleaned up the workpiece, Spring Shot Blasting Machine so that the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned up to clean up. Adjust the orientation of the orientation sleeve to change the direction of the shot of the steel shot so that the iron pellets are ejected as far as possible to the workpiece to be cleaned. The orientation of the orientation sleeve is not correct, not only reduces the efficiency of the shot blasting, but also increases the wear of the arc guard. The size of the orientation sleeve will affect the diffusion angle of the steel shot (fan angle), the greater the exit, the greater the diffusion angle, the worse the cleaning effect. So the directional sleeve of the opening wear, the need for timely adjustment, Spring Shot Blasting Machine when the wear more than 15 mm, they need to change.

The main parameters that affect the cleaning efficiency of the shot blasting machine are the shot speed and the shot loss of the steel shot. The higher the ejection rate, the greater the striking force; the increase in the amount of shot per unit time, and the increase in the degree of iron pellet on the unit area of the cleaned tool. Improve the impact of the ejection speed distance. Steel shot from the shot blasting device, in the course of movement, due to air resistance, the speed will be gradually reduced. Under normal circumstances, Spring Shot Blasting Machine the projection distance for each additional one meter, iron pellets kinetic energy loss increased by about 10%. Usually, the distance between the surface of the workpiece and the centerline of the shot blasting is preferably 0.7 to 1.5 m, and the shot is too deep and the projectile area is too small and the cleaning effect is reduced.

The hood is made of bending and welding. The lifting hood is equipped with an access door to repair and replace the lifting hopper. Open the cover on the lower cover, Spring Shot Blasting Machine you can repair the lower drive, excluding the bottom of the projectile blockage. The machine uses a flat belt to rotate. When working, the hopper fixed on the conveyor belt lifts the pellets at the bottom of the hoisting machine, and then drives the pellets to the top of the hoist under the drive of the hoisting machine, and finally strikes the material by centrifugal gravity. Marble Separator.

In order to ensure that the work of the conveyor belt does not slip, the drum was made into a squirrel cage, which not only improve the friction between the tape and the pulley, to avoid the old light pulley slip phenomenon, but also reduce the belt preload, Extend the service life of the tape. Spring Shot Blasting Machine At the same time the hoisting machine has a set of tightening device. When the belt is loose, by adjusting the upper part of the elevator on both sides of the adjustment bolt, you can tighten the belt.

Shot blasting machine settling room has the advantages of simple structure, Spring Shot Blasting Machine low cost, low energy consumption, small pressure loss, simple maintenance and management and can directly deal with high concentration dust gas and so on. But the volume is huge, the efficiency of dust collection is its fatal shortcomings. Conventional settling chambers are used industrially to trap> 40um of dust particles or as a pre-dust for multi-stage dust collection systems.

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