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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Clean Up The Equipment

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Steel plate shot blasting machine structure: The main function of the machine is clean room, indoor conveyor roller and feed conveyor roller, shot blasting machine, projectile circulation system (including hoist, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine separator, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor and pellet recovery agencies and For the pills pipeline) purge mechanism, dust, electrical control and other components.

Through the type of steel shot blasting machine working principle: the machine for the roller-type continuous feeding of high-performance shot blasting equipment, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine in the clean-up process by the electric control of the adjustable speed conveyor roller steel or steel into the cleaning room In the body of the projectile area, the whole body by the different coordinates of the coordinates of the powerful and powerful shells to combat and friction, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine so that the oxide scale, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, the steel surface to obtain a certain degree of roughness smooth surface, In the cleaning of both sides of the outdoor import and export roller loading and unloading parts. The pellets and the rust falling on the steel are swept by the purge, and the falling dust mixture is transported from the recovery screw to the chamber funnel. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine The vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are brought into the lower part of the hoisting machine and lifted to the upper part of the machine In the case, the separated pure pellets fall into the separator hopper for use in the shot blasting. Shot blasting in the dust generated by the exhaust pipe to the dust removal system, after the purification of the net emissions to the atmosphere, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the granular dust was caught collection.

Through the shot blasting of the workpiece to continue to be transported out in the discharge area installed compressed air blowing device, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine through the high pressure blow peening will fall on the workpiece steel sweep clean, rust after the workpiece sent by the rear roller.

The through-type shot blasting machine contains the following components: 1 shot blasting chamber (including a feed zone sealed room, a discharge area sealed room, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine a set of residual steel ball sweep system); 1 set of feed zone roller + 2 sets of spiral propulsion system; 1 set of hoisting machine system; 1 set of sorting system; 1 set of maintenance platform; Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine 8 sets of automatic flow valve; 8 sets of shot blasting machine System; 1 set of filter dust collector system (UAS-SFC12-3); 1 set of electrical system (Siemens system); 1 set of equipment manual (including electronic version); 1 set of spare parts.

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