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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Comprehensive Effect

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine The shot blasting equipment is first used in casting steel, cast iron parts of the surface of the sand and oxide skin removal. Almost all steel castings, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine gray castings, malleable parts, ductile iron parts and so on are shot peening. This is not only to remove the surface of the casting oxide and sticky sand, but also the casting quality inspection before the indispensable preparation process, such as large-scale gas turbine chassis in non-destructive testing before the need to carry out a rigorous shot blasting blast cleaning, to ensure the reliability of testing results. In the production of general castings, blasting shot cleaning is an essential technology to find the surface defects of castings, such as skin gas hole, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine slag hole, sticky sand, cold insulation and peeling. Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy surface cleaning, in addition to the removal of oxidized skin, the surface defects found in castings, but also the main purpose is to remove the die casting ball burr and to obtain a decorative meaning of the surface quality, to obtain comprehensive results.

In metallurgical iron and steel production, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the spraying pill one pickling is a kind of process method to ensure the high productivity in the steel production and the mechanical chemical combined removal of phosphate skin. In the production of other alloy steel plates and strips, such as silicon steel, stainless steel sheet, the annealing process must be carried out in order to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of cold rolled steel sheet.

According to the modern theory of metal strength, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is to improve the metal

The main direction of strength. It is proved by practice that shot peening is an effective process for increasing the dislocation structure of metal. This is more important for some metals that cannot be hardened by phase transition hardening (such as martensite quenching) or by phase transition hardening. Aviation, aerospace industry, automobiles, tractors and other components requirements of lightweight, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine but the reliability of more and more high, its important technological measures are the use of shot peening technology to improve the strength and fatigue strength of the components.

The shot is rotated at high speed by the impeller, the abrasive in the center of the impeller, through the flow block (Regulator) and the impeller propeller (Impeller) pre-acceleration, into the blade area and then the abrasive high-speed thrown, the speed can be more than 100 S, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine due to the wide range of shot blasting, so do not need to use air pressure, energy efficiency is much higher than

Shot peening is used to increase the fatigue strength of workpieces subjected to high stress and alternating stress, and shot peening has been replaced by a wide range of other time-consuming and expensive processes that can design components with lower costs and lighter weights; Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine shot peening plays a significant role in improving the physical properties of workpieces.

Shot peening Features

The steel pill is ejected to the surface of the workpiece without compressive stress and tensile stress, and the area distribution of pressure and tension is obtained. By surface hardening, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the stress is consistent and the surface tension is weakened especially when the shot peening hardening is intensified, which is why shot peening can improve the fatigue strength of metal.

Shot peening pretreatment--Renovation and renovation

In the painting industry, shot blasting machine for the surface of the workpiece pretreatment, such as the radiator, gas

Bottles, drums, containers, barrels, tubes, drums, etc. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine to ensure that the paint on the workpiece perfect adhesion performance.

The shot peening process is also used to remove old paint from the new paint. In addition, large cleaning rooms, with wheels and shot peening devices, can be used for mechanical derusting or refurbishment of large workpieces such as welded steel structures, trucks, ship boards and railway vehicles.

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