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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine High Speed

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Shot blasting machine filter cartridge mainly by the inlet pipe, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine exhaust pipe, frame, filter, backflush system, ash removal system, electronic control device. Dust filter cartridge size commonly used for the 360 * 660, the filter by the top cover, metal frame, pleated filter, base 4 parts, the filter is designed with the length of the filter folded into a fold, the first end of the tube into a tube Of the metal frame inside and outside the support, up and down with the top cover and base fixed. The top cover has fixed bolts and washers. For ease of operation and overhaul, the filter cartridge is tilted. The dust collector has a higher efficiency of dust removal, dust removal efficiency of 99.99%, dust concentration <50mg / m3.

The dust filter is discharged from the inlet at the upper part of the precipitator, and the baffle in the box forces the airflow down through the filter cartridge. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine As the airflow section suddenly expands , A large part of the particles in the air particles under the action of gravity and inertial force subsidence, fine particle size, density of small dust into the filter chamber, through the Brown diffusion and screening and other integrated effects of dust deposition in the filter surface, purification After the air through the filter into the clean room from the outlet. When the dust in the filter on the surface of the accumulation of more, the resistance reaches the set value, the pulse valve to play, compressed air directly into the cartridge center, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the filter tube pulse cleaning, shake off dust, to restore low resistance Run, fall into the ash bucket of dust collected through the discharge valve continuous discharge. Maintenance, only need to manually remove the handwheel on the cover can easily remove the cartridge.

Rusty dust is a secondary flammable solid with a low ignition and ignition energy. If the average particle size of the rust is 100-150um, the ignition temperature range is 240-439 ℃, much lower than its melting temperature. Dust flammability and its particle size, composition, concentration, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine combustion heat and burning speed and other factors, the smaller the particle size, the larger the surface area, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the easier to ignite. Shot shot when the dust is very fine, the main components of iron powder, iron oxide and dust, take the rust of dust for ignition test, that is, as in the fan air combustion, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine the burning speed quickly. At the same time filter cartridge dust filter material is generally paper or polyester fiber, of which the latter majority, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine these two materials are flammable. Flammable rust Dust is triggered by fire There are several possible situations where the burning fire source is usually caused by hot particles, shocks and friction sparks, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine static sparks, and the like.

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