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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Processing Technology

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: May 19, 2017

Steel rod shot Blasting Machine cleaning line process refers to the steel plate before processing (i.e. raw material status) for surface shot blasting derusting, hardening or sand surface treatment processing process. The steel plate can improve the corrosion resistance of the mechanical products after the shot blasting, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine improve the anti-fatigue performance of the steel plate, prolong its service life, and also optimize the production state of the steel plate surface, which is advantageous to the NC cutting machine blanking and precision blanking. In addition, because the steel plate before the processing of its shape comparison rules, is conducive to mechanical derusting and automatic painting, so the use of steel plate Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine cleaning can greatly improve the efficiency of clean-up work, reduce the labor intensity and environmental pollution. Because of this, steel plate shot blasting machine not only in the developed countries have been widely used, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine and in the domestic industry has attracted more and more attention, many enterprises have the steel plate cleaning process referred to the agenda of technological transformation.

Vertical steel deck shot blasting machine cleaning line mainly by the transverse roller conveyor system, vertical roller conveyor system, shot blasting cleaning machine, dust removal system and electronic control system. Its working principle is: steel plate through the roller Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine conveyor system to the closed shot blasting cleaning room, the use of high-speed rotating impeller shot shot to accelerate the steel wire shot (projectile) to the surface, impact on the surface of the steel plate, scraping to remove rust and dirt on the surface of the steel plate, at the same time to strengthen the treatment of steel plate, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine or sand surface treatment purposes, and finally by the delivery of roller road.

System composition

The steel rod shot blasting machine system mainly consists of conveying system, shot blasting system and electrical system. The shot blasting system is the key part.

1. Conveying System

It consists of conveyor rollers, lifting racks, flatbed trolleys and car hoists. Conveyor roller with chain drive, roller wheel for self-made, because of precision requirements are not high, so the motor is driven by electromagnetic speed. The steel plate is driven by the conveying roller and the shot blasting room. The lifting frame is composed of two electric hoist, and the steel plate is transferred to a flatbed trolley. The steel plate is transported out of the workshop by a flatbed trolley. The car crane mainly Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine completes the hoisting of steel plate. Because of a specific operating environment, this part of the operation is performed primarily by manual operations.

2 steel rod shot blasting machine system

Mainly by the blasting room, hoist, screw conveyor, fan, etc. This part is the key to determine the final surface of the steel plate derusting effect.

2.1 Shot Blasting Room

At present, the domestic shot peening production line mainly using steel plate supine, up and down shot blasting (or sandblasting) way, this way is mainly applicable to small steel components and small-size steel plate derusting, the biggest drawback is the sand cleaning, Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine recovery is inconvenient, need to set up special recycling, cleaning devices. Consider this production line is mainly used for large-size steel plate (width of 0.5-3m) derusting, so the use of steel plate erection, left and right shot pill way, the greatest advantage of this way is the recovery of the Pill easy.

Shot peening chamber structure is mainly composed of shot blasting device, chamber body, roller, hoist, screw conveyor, pill dust separator and other parts.

The Shot blasting machine chamber body adopts the steel structure welding manufacture, the two sides wall uses the $number mm thick steel plate manufacture, and installs the shot pill machine in the outer wall. The Shot peening chamber is supported by H-beam to enhance its stability. Shot Blasting machine indoor wall lining 5 mm thick wear-resistant rubber plate to reduce the impact of steel pill may be inside the wall. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine It is mainly responsible for separating the dust and dust pellets from the blast room. The working process is as follows: first, the induced draft fan will directly lead to the indoor turbidity of shot blasting, which is discharged outdoors by the draft duct. The second is the installation of dust pill separator in the connection of the hoist and the tank box, using the air flow of the draft fan, and separating the steel balls with different weights and the oxide skin and rust with the method of aspiration. The shot blasting room is in addition to the feed mouth and the discharging outlet, all closed, the formation of a certain negative pressure, the key to avoid throwing pill room design and layout, we selected 6 sets of 180-2 type shot blasting machine, respectively, installed in the blast room on both sides of the wall. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine This blasting machine power is one kw, impeller rotational speed 2200r Min, projectile $number Kg Min, projectile line speed $number m/s. From the shot blasting device 500-1500 mm range of projectile effect and the distribution of pellet density is better, set the center line of steel plate to the exit distance of 1 $number mm. In addition, the selection of pill material is also very important to different surface treatment requirements, the selection of the pill is also different. The finer the projectile, the lower the surface roughness, the higher the surface roughness. For the storage tank with steel plate before painting after derusting treatment, the general requirements of a certain degree of roughness, so as to enhance the adhesion of the paint. For this, choose 0. 8-1. 0mm of mixed steel projectiles. Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine In this way, the steel plate can not only obtain a certain degree of roughness after shot peening, but also strengthen the surface stress of steel plate. The blasting operation process is: The pill material is sent by the pellet tube to the shot-blasting device, shot blasting device will be shot to the surface of the steel plate to remove rust, pill free scattered to the bottom of the blasting room, and then by the screw conveyor will be sent back to the hoist, and then by the hoist by dust pill separator to the tank. At the same time, the steel plate from the end of the shot shot room from the roller to the shot blasting indoors, shot blasting by the other end of the output.

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