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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Product Quality Assurance Measures

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Steel bar shot blasting machine is mainly used for steel plate, metal structure, machine bed, steel (cast iron) products, grid, construction machinery and bridge manufacturing, the product can be the original state of the steel surface strong shot Its rust layer, oxide, so that it is uniform and consistent metallic luster, in order to improve the quality of steel coating and anti-corrosion effect. With the country's efforts to increase the intensity of environmental pollution, pickling clean-up has been gradually eliminated by the market, steel shot blasting opportunities are more and more industry applications.

Steel shot blasting machine shot blasting chamber body and shot blasting device layout by the computer three-dimensional dynamic ejection simulation to determine.

Directly cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine with QX30DS high ejection speed.

Shot blasting chamber body with 8mm thick steel plate welded box structure, high strength and will not produce vibration. Internal use of cast steel Mn13 guard protection (single class production life of 2-3 years), the use of mouth plate with the mouth of the convergence, effectively extending the life of the room, and can make full use of the rebound of the formation of the second cleanup.

The front and rear sealing compartments are sealed with a V-shaped device with 8 leaf springs to effectively prevent the projectile from splashing and to reduce the wear and tear of the components against the seal. The rest of the seal is sealed with a high wear-resistant adhesive.

In order to reduce the fall of the pellets on the bottom of the hopper friction, the hopper contains a buffer angle.

In order to prevent the workpiece loading is not running in the process of deviation, both ends of the roller are made bucket. The number of shots can be determined based on the size of the workpiece, which reduces unnecessary energy waste while reducing unnecessary ring breakage to the device.

Pill system for the use of special gas control for the pill valve and workpiece photoelectric detection to prevent the projectile empty throw. I use the cylinder valve for the compact and lightweight base, the ear cylinder, the more traditional seat cylinder is more stable, reliable, and easy maintenance.

Dust removal system using three-stage pulse filter dust collector + cyclone + sedimentation room, dust removal effect is excellent.

As the workpiece using tooling transport, roller conveyor drive system using two-way transmission.

To enhance the machine to reverse the use of double insurance design: First, the drive wheel using ratchet pawl mechanism to prevent reverse, the second is the use of brake motor anti-motor drive reversal. At the same time in the passive wheel with a lost detection alarm device.

Separator full curtain curtain design: variable pitch separator with double cylinder plus anti-rotation level meter control, according to the projectile automatically adjust the flow of the screen, to achieve full curtain curtain effect. The technology is unique to our company.

Projectile automatic replenishment device: clean up the top of the warehouse with the upper and lower level meter, automatic detection of the amount of bombs. The lower part of the hoisting machine is provided with the pill pills and the pneumatic gates, and the material level in the upper silo is controlled in combination with the pills and the pills are set up.

Dust system using QL pulse backflush vertical filter cartridge, than the traditional bag and the traditional oblique plug filter effect is stronger, the vertical arrangement to replace the cartridge is more convenient (open the door can be closed), to overcome The oblique insertion layout maintenance difficulties and the upper filter dust falling into the lower filter cartridge lead to the effect of dust removal is not ideal.

Product quality assurance measures

1. Products required steel, profiles are purchased from the brand-name manufacturers.

2. The steel plates, profiles or components that make up the equipment shall be sprayed with a primer after rust removal.

3. The supporting standard parts as much as possible from the brand-name manufacturers to buy, such as bearings, motors, reducer and so on.

4. Inverter, imported from Japan, other electrical components using the German West or Qingdao Huasheng Thai products.

5. Key components shot blasting factory load test, the movement of the factory empty run test.

6. By the design, quality inspection personnel to set up a special quality supervision team to monitor the implementation of the above steps to ensure product quality.

7. After the equipment is manufactured, notify the user of the initial acceptance of the functional components, acceptance before leaving the factory.

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