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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine Structure And Working Principle

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Steel rod shot blasting machine is a cleaning of structural parts, H steel, steel, grid, steel bar of the multi-functional steel pretreatment line, the steel rod rust treatment

Shot blasting machine layout for the multi-angle, the selection of the world's advanced unit disc blade efficient shot blasting machine, throwing high-speed dense shot beam, against the original state of steel parts, three-dimensional, all-round clean The rust on the surface of the steel, welding slag, oxide and its dirt quickly fall off, get a certain roughness of the smooth surface, improve the film and steel surface adhesion, and improve the anti-fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of steel , To improve the inherent quality of steel to extend its service life.

Structure and working principle: The main function of the machine is cleaning room, indoor conveyor roller and feed conveyor roller, shot blasting machine, projectile circulation system (including hoist, separator, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor and pellet recovery mechanism and for Pills pipeline) purge mechanism, dust, electrical control and other components

The machine is a roller-type continuous feeding of high-performance shot blasting equipment, in the clean-up process by the electric control of the adjustable speed conveyor roller steel or steel products into the cleaning room within the body of the projectile area, the whole body By the different coordinates of the direction of the strong dense projectile strikes and friction, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, the steel surface to obtain a certain roughness of the smooth surface, in the clean-up on both sides of the import and export roller loading and unloading Workpiece. The pellets and the rust falling on the steel are swept by the purge, and the falling pellet mixture is transported from the recovery screw to the chamber funnel. The vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are brought into the lower part of the hoist and then lifted to the upper part of the machine In the case, the separated pure projectile falls into the separator hopper for the use of shot blasting. Shot blasting in the dust generated by the exhaust pipe to the dust removal system, after the purification of the net emissions to the atmosphere, the granular dust was caught collection.

Clean room

Cleaning room for the large capacity of the box-type box-shaped welding structure, the chamber wall lining ZGMn13 wear-resistant protective plate, cleaning operations in the sealed cavity. Clean the indoor wear-resistant protective plate with wear-resistant cover cast-in-place bolts, protect the bolt head is not easy to damage, easy disassembly and replacement.

Conveyor roller

The roller is divided into indoor conveying roller and loading and unloading section conveying roller.

High-chromium wear-resistant jacket and high-chromium wear-resistant jacket for the protection of the roller, to withstand the projectile strike, the limit ring can make the workpiece according to the scheduled position to run to prevent deviation, resulting in accidents.


Up and down pulley with square seat spherical ball bearings, vibration shock can be automatically adjusted, good sealing.


The pill sand mixture is sent by the hoisting machine to the upper part of the separator, and the pomace mixture is uniformly distributed through the slit to form a curtain so that the air flow passes through the curtain in a direction perpendicular to the curtain flow to flush the pellets. Projectiles, waste and mixture according to their specific gravity, respectively, fall into different channels, pure qualified projectile through the spiral conveyor into the hopper, for the use of shot blasting machine. The fine dust is inhaled into the dust removal system, the net gas after the purification treatment is discharged into the atmosphere, and the granular dust is collected and collected.

The separation effect of this separator is good. After separation, the sand content in pure qualified pellets is less than 1%, and the amount of qualified shells in waste is less than 1%.

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor mainly by the gear motor, screw shaft, spiral shell composition.

With the square seat ball bearings, the bearing by the impact of vibration can be automatically adjusted, good sealing.


The pipeline has a double control valve function, each gate above the set of a gate, respectively, cut off from the separator projectile, easy to repair their own shot blasting device; gate size, you can adjust the projectile flow, but also according to Clean the workpiece specifications any combination, open and close the number of gates to save energy, reduce the wear on the machine, and ensure that meet the production needs.

Shot blasting machine

The introduction of Di sand technology company's single-disc shot blasting machine, become the perfect domestic high-level shot blasting machine. It is mainly composed of rotating mechanism, impeller, shell, directional sleeve, sub-ball round, guard plate and other components, including impeller Cr40 material from forging, leaves, directional sets, sub-pill and the use of high-chromium plate are used.

Purge device

The device uses high-pressure fan, and in the room part of the chamber with different angles of the multi-group flexible mouthpiece, the workpiece surface of the remaining projectile cleaning and cleaning.

Import and export sealed

Workpiece import and export sealing device, are made of rubber spring steel bar, in order to prevent the shot blasting, the projectile splashing out of the clean room, the entrance and exit of the workpiece to strengthen the seal, which is characterized by strong elasticity, long life, sealed The effect is superb.

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