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Steel Strip Shot Blasting Machine Exports To Russia

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Steel strip shot blasting machine

Steel strip shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning steel strip ,it is the surface treatment process before welding steel pipe manufacturing.

Steel strip shot blasting machine is mainly used for annealing carbon steel strip or stainless steel surface rust and clean up the oxide, can also be used after annealing the surface of carbon steel strip rust and clean up oxide, metallurgical industry welding steel pipe manufacturing industry before the surface treatment process.
The steel shot blasting machine can effectively remove the oxide, rust, burr and other impurities on the surface, and restore the original metallic luster of the steel. The machine is equipped with automatic feeding, efficient cleaning, high energy efficiency and environmental protection. Owned dust, automatic separation of steel shot automatic recycling.
The working principle of the machine:
The workpiece to be cleaned up by the user to provide dynamic power roller mechanism sent to the shot blasting room, composed of two cleaners, the first rough cast, the second fine polishing, shot blasting machine each set four abrasive Respectively, against the upper or lower surface of the strip, the steel shot to clean up the workpiece to accelerate, hit the outer surface of the strip. So that the strip in the course of the strip will be on the surface of the oxide or rust removed, the clean-up after the abrasive by the two sets of vertical and horizontal screw conveyor to the lower part of the hoist, the hoist by the screw conveyor to the abrasive. The middle abrasive (not completely separated clean) back to the room body recycling; broken pellets and dust discharge and enter the waste box. 

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