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The Double Station Coiled Wire Shot Blasting Machine Were Successfully Shipped To Korea.

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

We have successfully produced double station coiled wire shot blasting machines(HSPY-II) for Korean customer. And the  Machine were successfully shipped to Korea last week.



This machine is the best special equipment which used to cleaning the wire rod, it clean the scale cinder on the surface of the wire and the squama layer on the rolled steel through the blasting process.The surface descaling grade of the steel billet rust reach Sa2.5 level after cleaning, and the surface roughness level reach Ra6.3 ~ 12.5μm. Compared to pickling treatment, it have the characteristics of economy, environmental protection and high efficiency.

This machine use unique "revolving door + double cantilever axis"  to bear the weight of wire rod, it achieve duplex mode of operation, and greatly increase the production capacity of the equipment. Cantilever shaft is made by special alloy steel, the wire make the compound action of  "up and down + swing around + forward and reverse rotation" in the shot blasting process, in order to achieve the effect of thorough clean. Because of the reasonable blast wheel arrangement, the inner and outer surfaces of the wire rod can be effectively blow by the projectile beam. The machine is controled by PLC, HMI visual monitoring, and it is convenient and reliable operation.

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