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The Parsing Of How To Reasonable Choice Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

QINGDAO KNNJOO MACHINE INC. | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

Before DACRO shoe , first go to the oil rust, when it comes to blasting, shot blasting equipment is necessary to deal with those standard parts and other small parts based manufacturers, primarily for rust crawler Shot machines, such equipment , where there is more production of Qingdao, Shandong Province , Dafeng , Jiangsu Province , Wuxi .
The ability to manufacture many of these products manufacturers , the price shot blasting machine all the way down , and now basically remained at about $ 50,000 a table, and some manufacturers also offer in thirty thousand , the highest price and the lowest difference of about twenty thousand yuan , the same shot blasting machines, the price will be such a big difference , reaching more than 30 percent so that lay was incomprehensible .

From a common sense perspective, those with a lower price products must exist some problems , but because users can not understand the situation in detail the actual quality of shot blasting machine before buying , buy discovered the problem after only constant contact with the manufacturers , there the problem is not resolved after the device is ready , so the user can only knocked out teeth pharynx to the stomach , without a word went passed, the results of it , people keep coming directed at low-cost .

So cheap equipment is traded at a loss to do it ? As the saying goes : do ten thousand thousands do not work the business of losing money , so profit lows devices is possible, but the manufacturers who will never do lose money trading .

Then sold fifty thousand yuan a blast machine is money especially much? In fact, not entirely , because you if an opportunity to three million and five million devices a device together, compare carefully , you will find that there are many differences between the two at you can be compared with the material from the device , the quality of the purchased items , the processing quality of the workpiece , so the quality of the electronic components , the result is a clear , low-cost accordingly because less equipment investment, so only the prices fall possibilities.

Low-cost equipment to do so whether the impact on users ?

Influential , it is beyond doubt ! Impact mainly on the following points:

From the investment point of view , you can save a lot of costs for investors with at least a difference of nearly 20,000 is put out there . Save twenty thousand yuan of investment for the medium and small investors, is not a small fee , from reduced investment perspective, the choice thirty-one thousand units of equipment is ideal , say , the purchase price of such the unit is still a lot , especially DACROMET has several production plants are using this low-cost shot blasting machine , very natural , others are optional this device, it should not be a problem .

Glance , can play the role of rust , but after officially put into operation , for certain products, rust, always finds a good part of the region can not remove the rust , the rust is not satisfactory , then go to after the others shot blasting machine , only to find devices at different price points , the rust effect really is not the same , really better than not know, a Bizet clear. After testing professionals only figure out the kind of shot blasting machine originally designed to have deficiencies, shot blasting chamber is unevenly distributed , causing a large pill density in some places , small or in accordance with the density in some places is a blind , equipment such problems exist , the problems can not be cured , unless you do not have such problems and then buy the blasting machine . This is not to say low-cost shot blasting machine for nothing, but to tell the user , a sub-mediated money for, for shot blasting machine manufacturer , this kind of shot blasting machines in some respects is still a need to further improve . Only through continuous improvement in order to achieve value for money , customer satisfaction . Market is the diversity of the needs of users is multifaceted , it is through constant competition , which makes the production process level has been constantly improving, resource re- allocation of reasonable 

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